Japanese page
In this page,I introduce you CG's drawn by using Kashmir (Free software).
Please refer to the URL indicated bellow about Kashmir.

And I use 50m Grid (Elevation) Datas incruded in Digital maps issued by Geographic Survey Institution of Japan.

Prease reffer to pages listed bellow about these software & Digital maps.

Mt.fuji from doutaira Mt.fuji from doutaira.(80KB)

Diamond FUJI Diamond Mt.Fuji from Mt,kenasi. (32KB)

Diamond FUJI Diamond Mt. Fuji in my imagination.(27KB)

oze16a.jpg Scene of Oze in early winter from Mt.Okusirane upper 5000m.(96KB)

Mt.Fuji from Dotaira in Saitama upper 20000m. (70KB)

Sunset from okumusasi in Saitama.(30KB)

Scene of urabandai in Fukusima. (53KB)

Sunset of kamikouti in Nagano. (60KB)

Lake Taisyou of kamikouti in Nagano.(52KB)

Mt.HIuti & Mt.Sifutu from Mt.Tanigawadake.(45KB)

 Morning scene of Mt. aizubandai in Fukusima.(58KB)

Sunset scene of Mt. aizubandai in Fukusima.(35KB)

 Sunset scene of Lake Ozenuma.(44KB)

 Morning scene of Lake Ozenuma.(39KB)

Morning scene of Lake Tyuuzenji from Aketidaira inTotigi.(54KB)

Mt.Hayatine from furuta touge in Iwate.(49KB)

View from the sky.
Scene of North Japan Alps(82KB)

View from the sky.
Mt.Myoukou & Mt.KUrohime (60KB)

View from the sky.
Mt.Asama (40KB)

Scene of late spring of Mt.Asama. (41KB)

Mt.yatugatake from Utukusinomori.(53KB)

Mt.Fuji from Mt.hiuti upper 18000m.(44KB+46KB)

Mt.Jonen from Matumoto.(82KB)

Sunset scene of Mt.myoko.(26KB)

Mt.Fuji from upper 9000m from north side.(121KB)

Autmn scene of Lake Nozori.(54KB)

Mt.yatugatake from nobeyama in Nagano.(77KB)

Mt.Kasimayarigatake from Sirasawatouge in Nagano. (92KB)

Mt.Fuji from surugawan upper 15000m.(96KB)