Underdeveloped Asian Countries

     I have used the impolite "underdeveloped" rather than "less developed" because I don't think glossing over their poverty helps them. I was surprised to find that a recent United Nations list of 51 LDCs includes a substantial number from Asia and the Pacific. My guess is that you may not even be able to find a couple on the map, and a couple may be rather idyllic places beyond the grubbiness of money economies, but I give you this list without further comment:

Solomon Islands

    That a country is not listed, does not imply it is a wonderful place. That a country is listed above does not imply it is a terrible place. I have been to half of them and would love to go back for either business or vacation. But, I don't have to worry about having money for food and I can always fly home if I have a medical problem.
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I made the above list many months ago after seeing a U.N. report (1999?) on the world's less developed countries. Granted that it is in alphabetical order, but now I am struck by Afghanistan at the head of the list of Asian LDCs. The country, one of the world's few land-locked countries, has been an area of conflict and neglect as long as I can remember. I wonder if the recent troubles could have been avoided if Americans, Europeans, and Asians had cared a few decades ago.

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