to gain independence and self-condence in one's own community


The Japanese miracle economic development after World War 2 has depended on high-quality and risk-free cheap labor.
Sanya, located in
The Japanese miracle economic development after World War 2 has depended on high]quality and risk]free cheap labor. Sanya, located in the north]east edge of Tokyo, is an area where there has always been an abundance of construction labor. However recently, this much needed labor has declined. This is partly do to the change in industrial structure. Another reason is that laborer living in Sanya have grown old. Because of these circumstances, Sanya has turned into typical inner city area. Because of the poor situation, DOYA which is an informal inn that houses the majority of laborers have not been maintained nor have any new DOYA been built. Consequently these 4-5 square meters room have gone from bad to worse. Moreover, there has been increase the homeless people because of rising unemployment, disease of aging laborers, phasing out of the Japanese traditional family support which helped them. It is said that there are so many homeless people in Sanya, 6,000 DOYA residents and 2,000 street people.

Governmental policy for them is not good enough. They have to depend on a few voluntary group's act, as free meal service or a one night bed. Now a new system is greatly needed for them.

In this project, we suggest a new style of Group Living Homes for the homeless people. The home's aim is to help these needy people recovering their self]support ability in their ordinary daily life, and gain trust from community, make new bonds with people outside the family.
The home would be homebase for both of the volunteers and laborers.
It allows the voluntary groups changed to NPO.

If a new legal system for the homeless people were provided, the project could be realized. Also home could generate in income by operating as an inn.
The following acts by voluntary groups have been obtained good


1jLiving Room for Membersievery weekday); voluntary groups provide lunch and a living room for homeless people (fee=3,000yen/month),
2) Lunch delivery (3 times a week),
3) Self-Support Program (every 2 weeks),
4) Visiting Members (at any time),
5) Lunch, Counseling, Recreation (every month),
6) Community Festival (every season),
7) Communication to community (at any time).
The home is not only a homeless people residence but also homebase for a new NPO. It is very worthy of the NPO countinuing to operate as affording and extending acts.


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