Galaxies in tri-color

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M77 (JPEG,15kB)

R:40min, G:60min, B:80min, x1.4 tele-converter, HPC-1

M82 galaxy (JPEG,19kB)

Impressive high resolution!
Exposure time: R=40 min, G,B=60 min, HPC-1.

NGC891 (JPEG,65kB)

31cm+HPC-1, LRGB quadcolor L=70min, R:40min, G:60min, B:60min

Close up of M106 (LRGB)

L:175min, R=G=60min, B=120min.

NGC3521 (JPEG,13kB)

Feb. 11, 1997. Exposure time: R=G=80min B=100min, HPC-1.

M74 Tri-color (JPEG,50kB)

NGC2403 by LRGB quadcolor (JPEG,28kB)

31cm + HPC-1, L=80min, R:100min, G:80min, B:100min

NGC891 by LRGB quadcolor (JPEG,65kB)

31cm + HPC-1, L=70min, R:40min, G:60min, B:60min

New NGC2903 by True LRGB quadcolor (JPEG,28kB)

31cm + HPC-1, L=80min, R:60min, G:60min, B:120min.
Compare the next LRGB image where R has been used for L-ch.

M81 by 31cm + HPC-1

My first shot in this new Century.
L=225 min (5min x 45), R=60 min, G=80 min, B=120 min, Guided by ST-5.
Note: AO-7 is not used for this shot.

M100 by LRGB quadcolor

L:60min, R=G=B=20min.

M101 by LRGB quadcolor

L:175min, R=G=B=20min.

M51 by LRGB quadcolor

L:70min, R=G=B=20min.

M96 by LRGB quadcolor

31cm + HPC-1, L:60min,R=G=B=20min.

M64 by LRGB quadcolor

31cm + HPC-1, L:60min, R=G=B=20min.

M65 & M66 by LRGB quadcolor

M65/L:70min, R=G=B=20min.M66/L:60min, R=G=B=45min

LRGB image of NGC3628

L by HPC-1 + 12 inch (31cm) Newtonian, 180min, RGB by C8 w/ F3 reducer (made by myself), R=20min, G=B=40min

NGC2841 by LRGB quadcolor

L:60min, R=G=B=20min.

M95 by LRGB quadcolor

L: 31cm + HPC-1, 80min, RGB: C5 + ST-7 R=G=B=20min, 2x2 bining.
L and RGB were taken at a same time by using two systems.

NGC2146 by LRGB


L:120min, R=G=B=20min.

Close up of M99 (LRGB)

L:65min, R=G=20min, B=40min.

NGC7331 by AO-7

L: 60min (5min x 12) by C8 + AO-7 + ST-7E , RGB by 12 inch + HPC-1
ST-7E image of NGC7331 is composited on the wide field image by HPC-1

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