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1st Floor: Planetary Nebulae

Images of Messier's planetary nebulae: M27, M57, M76, M97, and a beautiful set of twelve NGC's planetary nebulae.

2nd Floor: Galaxies-color

Real color images of the galaxies: M66, M77, M81, M82, NGC891 and NGC2403.

3rd Floor: Galaxies-monochrome

Gray scale images of galaxies: M65/M66/NGC3628, M74, NGC4565, NGC7331.

4th Floor: Deep Deep Sky

Majestic deep sky images and some interesting small objects: NGC185(type E with spot), NGC2685(with funny strings), NGC3190, NGC3198, NGC4038(famous collision pair), NGC4216, NGC6543, Stephan's quintet, etc.

5th Floor: Emission Nebulae

Images of middle size emission nebulae: M1, M20, M42, NGC2174(monkey face), Rosette, Cone, Horse head, IC443.

6th Floor: Planets

Images of the Jupiter (1995 & 1996), Mars (1994) and Saturn (to 1995 from 1991).

7th Floor: Globular Clusters

Images of M3, M5, M10, M12, M13 etc (Color or monocrome).

8th Floor: Comets

Images of the Jupiter (1995 & 1996), Mars (1994) and Saturn (to 1995 from 1991).

Top Floor: Earth

It is an unique planet in the universe, because I can visit it without using my telescope.

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