Emission Nebulae

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M1 (JPEG,29kB)
R:40min, G:40min, B:40min, 2x tele-converter, HPC-1
This picture won the Annual Grand Prix in 1995, sponsored by SKYWATCHER Magazine. Compare with a previous Palomar's picture. It seems that there is some expansion of filaments.

M1 1996 (JPEG,24kB)

Exposure time: R=40 min, G=60 min, B=80 min, HPC-1.

M1 2000 by C8 + AO-7 + ST-7E + EM200SS-NZ

L: 100min (20min x 4 + 10min x 2) , LRGB-combined with a RGB image from the previous HPC-1 image.
Taken by C8+ AO-7 + ST-7E, EM200 + SkySensor2000PC modified (EM200SS-NZ).
The PEC by SkySensor is very helpful for imaging by AO-7. The 20 minite-exposures are possible within only 2-3% swing of the AO-mirror!! The resolution of this image is close to 12 inch + HPC-1.

M20 by a new 20cm/F5 mobile CCD imager with ST-7

L:30min, R=G=B=10min. At the mount Fuji.

Great Orion Nebula (JPEG,23kB)

R:4min, G:6min, B:8min, 1.4x tele-converter, HPC-1

Stars behind the Great Orion Nebula (JPEG,55kB)

Visible/IR composition
A very special technique has been used here. The image by Kodak Echtar 25 has been used as RGB channel, and the image by HPC-1 CCD with Infra-red filter (passband > 700nm) has been used for L-ch. As a results, the redish stars means they might be behind or in the Nebula. Now, you can see a lot of stars 'through' the Orion Nebula!
L:IR band, 4 min by 31cm + HPC-1, RGB:60min by 20cm F5 + Ektar25

Horse Head Nebula

L: 180min (20min x 9 with R64 + Edmound IR block)) , R=G=60min, B=80min,
31cm +HPC-1, guided by ST-5.

Rosette Nebula (NGC2237-9)(JPEG,71kB)

Exposure time:140min, HPC-1

Cone Nebula (JPEG,43kB)

Exposure time:120min, HPC-1, psued-color

NGC281 (JPEG,96kB)

Exposures:total 40min. 31cm Newtonian + HPC-1.

IC443 by LRGB (JPEG,44kB)

R:100min, G:80min, B:120min, processed by LRGB, HPC-1

Monkey's Head Nebula by HPC-1(NGC2174/5) (JPEG,68kB)

R:60min, G:60min, B:80min, processd by LRGB, HPC-1

IC1795 Tri-color (JPEG,46kB)

NGC7635 Bubble nebula Tri-color (JPEG,74kB)


31cm + TeleConvertor(x1.6) + AO-7 + ST-7E
L (with R filter):30min, R=10mim, G=15min, B=20min (RGB: 2x2 Bin.), AO:5Hz
SBIG RGB filter
Revised the color bala

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