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NGC185 (JPEG,19kB)

Exposure time:20min, ST-6
NGC185 has a dust spot while it seems a E-type galaxy, in which no dust is observed usually.

NGC3190 etc (JPEG,14kB)

Exposure time:20min, HPC-1

NGC3198 (JPEG,18kB)

Exposure time:20min, HPC-1

NGC4038/4039 (JPEG,15kB)

Exposure time:L=20min, R=30min, G=R+B, B=45min, HPC-1
LRGB composited. A Famous collision pair.

NGC4216 etc (JPEG,11kB)

Exposure time:20min, HPC-1

NGC6543 (JPEG,8kB)

Exposure time:20min, x2+x1.5 teleconverters, ST-4
Note the complicated spirals in NGC6543.
This picture was taken by an 8 inch Newtonian reflector with ST-4.

Stephan's quintet (JPEG,26kB)

Exposure time:20min, HPC-1

Hubble's variable nebula (JPEG,9kB)

Exposure time:40min, R60 filter, HPC-1. January 2, 1995

Hubble's variable nebula (JPEG,40kB)

Exposure time: R=30min, G=40 min, B=60 min, HPC-1.

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