Lake Tekapo and my system for NZ tour

The place of observation:
The lakeside of Lake Tekapo which is located near the Mount Cook in the South Island of New Zealand. The longitude is -45 degree.


I developed a compact mobile system based on Celestron C8. With three handmade reducers and Celestron's x0.63 reducer, it works at:

F=10.0, 8.7, 7.5, 6.1 with AO-7 + ST-7E
F=5.0 without AO-7, but with self-guiding by ST-7E

The focus length can be chosen under considering the size of object or the sky condition. I have taken for about 2 years to complete this system. I confirmed that the images taken by this system (in Japan) were nearly identical to my 12 inch Newtonian + HPC-1 system. This is the reason why I decided to transport this system to New Zealand.

Example images by C8+AO7+ST-7E


Equatorial Mount:

Takahashi's EM-200 is used. The SKYSENSOR 2000PC, which is a GO TO controller by VIXEN Japan, has been installed. Any Mecier, NGC and IC objects (and even no-name objects!) can be introduced in the viewing field of ST-7E without error.


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