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My name is kamyu.
The birthday is October 26, 1997 probably.
It is because I am the Desertion child who was discarded in the bank of the river of Isehara that the birthday is probably.
Me was took the trouble of picking up it is the pet hood home of Isehara upon.
The parents do not understand well although seems to have there been each blood.
The self is the mixed breed that says commonly.
It has been received in the Okutsu family only me, although it seems to have been a brother 3 people.
The older sister of the Okutsu family took the trouble of receiving me. License of the automobile that The older sister acquired recently only has seemed to take the trouble of doing to Isehara at night, by the car.
I took the trouble of bringing up it with the milk with then family everyone.
It puts it for three o'clock to cause the milk drunk and be said to have been serious with.
The mother of the Okutsu family 1-year was brought up carefully in a house when does not take out it outside because kamyu is not drinking mother's milk.
When I leak urine the papa is such that he was angry a mother.
Being assumed to live outside 1-year widow the family took the trouble of preparing a nice hut.
A mother the night in the time when was begins to became that lives outside is secret in a papa and seem to have been admitting me into the entrance.
Mother takes the trouble of surrounding a hut with a reed bamboo blind when summer may be hot and also, When winter may be cold I take the trouble of putting in the blanket in the hut and also, Whenever I will come back from then job I give sweet.
As for I the as furthermore the mother is very much favorite.
An older sister takes the trouble of calling out it with now every day although a self appears busy recently, and does not take the trouble of minding remainder.
An older brother sometimes takes the trouble of playing, when even that does not take the trouble of minding.
I am a remarkable gentle older brother.
A papa takes the trouble of taking it to the walk to distantly in the day of the holiday.
That moment I am excited large always and do and have scolded well when I get on the condition too much.
There is the photograph that I load into the homepage when I get irritated persistent a little bit although a papa takes the trouble of shooting it.
A papa does not get angry anything although howl and also give a favor of biting a little when he is loss and return and will do and he will approach.
I like very much my family, everybody.
I am a Desertion child and be very happy person Kamyu that is loved by everyone of the Okutsu family, although the taste of the milk of the mother does not know.

10/29/2013 3:35 Died on senility. 16-Year-old.
@Kamyu thanks for always was happy's a family.
@@Coming from the old legs, was bedridden for seven months,
but he doing their best until the end, he gave healing and power to a family .
@Thanks for coming to the House and was really good.
@@Kamyu thank you.

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