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My first guitar solo composition "Terpsichore for 6 Strings" was published in April, 2019.
Here is the link to the product page.
If you buy this score, you can get another score of an unpublished piece for free. (Details below)

This published piece, which I originally composed in 1985, is my first guitar solo work. The original version can be played without changing any notes. But I should say it was a little difficult to play though the music was quite simple. This piece has gone through many revisions, and now it has become much easier enough to play.

On the other hand, I’m also happy to announce that I composed my first guitar solo piece for amateur guitar players this year, titled "Old-fashioned musical paintings". This piece is much easier to play than my previous pieces. In the past, due to their complexity, my compositions were almost exclusively targeted at people around the same level as professional guitarists.

Old-fashioned musical paintings

01: Nostalgic place where I often used to have fun
02: When everything is sailing smoothly
03: Waltz for when you are cranky
04: Counted toys in a box
05: I want to keep sleeping forever
06: High prestige masquerade
07: Epilogue

If you’d like to see me play “Old-fashioned musical paintings”, please check out this video.

To celebrate the release of the first solo piece, I’m running a special offer. For anyone who buys “Terpsichore for 6 Strings”, I’ll give you an unpublished copy of “Old-fashioned musical paintings" for free. To apply, just send me a screenshot or a photo of the last page of "Terpsichore for 6 Strings" via the e-mail link below. Alternatively, you can also send me a Facebook message. After verifying the screenshot, I’ll send you the PDF score of "Old-fashioned musical paintings".

私の初めてのギターソロ曲「Terpsichore for 6 Strings」が今年4月に出版されました。



この度、初めて同士ということで、「Terpshichore for 6 Strings」をご購入いただいた方には、この初めてのアマチュア用の曲「古風な音の絵」の未出版の楽譜を差し上げたいと思います。「Terpshichore for 6 Strings」を購入した証として、最後のページの写真またはスクリーンショットを、下記のメール、もしくはFacebookのメッセージでお送りください。折返しPDFの楽譜をお送りします。