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I'll show you the nice city Tokorozawa
which is my favorite hometown.
Bon Dance Festivals
were held here and
there in Tokorozawa
in August.
Students from Decatur
(Illinois, US) made 10 day homestay in Tokorozawa
in August.
Decatur is a sister city
of Tokorozawa.
31 Oct. in Koku Koen 31 Oct. in Koku Koen
Recently dioxine which is made from burned
industrial waste becomes
a big problem in northern
area of Tokorozawa.
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31 Oct. from Koku Koen
Professional baseball
team "Seibu Lions"
got '98 Pacific league
pennant in Oct..
(picture : in front of
the Seibu Dome)
We played tennis in
Urabandai highlands
last summer.
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