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First day in Japan

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First Day in Japan

Wherever you arrive, you need to prepare Japanese money at least 5000 Yen, hopefully 10,000 - 20,000 Yen.Taxi and JR train do not accept any credit cards normally. If you don't have any Japanese money you can't get out the airport.The airport has an bank to exchange the foreign currency to Japanese Yen.

But it will be tough to find out the such facility at unfamiliar airport.

Prepare Japanese Yen in your country, at local bank or departure airport!!!!!


Yen is used in Japan.

Foreign Currency

Yen Value

1 US Dollar


1 Euro


1 Canada Dollar


1 UK Pound


1 Swiss Franc

79.07 Yen.

1 Australia Dollar

69.65 Yen.

1 Hong Kong Dollar


1 Singapore Dollar


1 Thailand Baht


1 India Rupee

2.85 Yen.

100 Korea Won


1 Taiwan Dollar

3.70 Yen.

As of Mar. 15, 2002

To get current rate, please refer the latest conversion $ yen table in Yahoo.

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You don't need any tips for special services.

No tips for a doorman.
No tips for a bell captain.
No tips for a porter.
No tips for a waiter and a waitress in restaurant.
No tips for a taxi.
No tips for anybody

You are free of warring Tips in Japan.

Some of the finest restaurant require service fee
but in this case the service fee already in your bill automatically.

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1000 Yen
1,000 Yen

10,000 Yen
Right side and left side on top of bill, you can see "10000"

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500 Yen The Largest one Silver color

Some vending machine doesn't accept 500 yen coin because of counterfeit 500 coming.
100 Yen Silver color
50 Yen Silver color with a hole
10 Yen Copper color
5 Yen Yellow color with a hole
1 Yen Aluminum color

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Consumption Tax is 5 %.
Normally the list price doesn't include tax.
So you need to pay 5 % more

Some small shops include this tax in their list price.
It would be really complicated for visitors.

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Airport Tax

It is called as

PSFC (Passenger Service Facilities Charge).

For Narita Airport Passenger
This charge is included to your air ticket now for passengers for Narita Airport.
You don't need to worry about this.

For Kansai Kuko Passenger
You need to pay 2600 Yen at Kansai Kuko Airport when you fly out.

If you have spent all your Japanese Yen, you can pay it with your credit card.
AMEX, VISA, Master, Dinnars

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The Receipt is printed in Japanese.
So you had better to write the memo on it as soon as you receive it.

This is an example of Japanese type receipt.

As soon as you receive it, you had better to write the item of this receipt.
Otherwise you will have big problem to find out which receipt is
personal and business.
You can read the numeric numbers so it can help but time consuming.
Some nicer Japanese restaurants will give you old fashion receipt.
In this case, all information will be written in Japanese "Kanji"
even numeric number and date.
You had better to write down the total amount on it.
Or keep your Credit Card receipt.

Another Tips is "date".
Above receipt shows the date as 9/5/23.
It doesn't make sense of May 23 in ????.
We use dominical yearand Japanese one both.
If you find the strange date on your receipt, you need to correct the date to your style.

Conversion Chart
Heisei Era (Japanese way) dominical year
9 1997
10 1998
11 1999
12 2000
13 2001
14 2002

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Money Sense

Here is a price table of various items.

Various Fares Yen

Train Fare

Tokyo - Kyoto One way by Shinkansen 13,220

Train Fare

Narita Express Narita - Tokyo One way 2,940


Hamburger McDonald






Hotel Imperial Single Bed / Single person 24,000

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