Album of London 2002

Heathrow (First Day)

Central London (Second Day)

bridge.jpg (13869)

Westminster Bridge

londoneye.jpg (16116)

London eye

westminster.jpg (20709)

Westminster Abbey

guard.jpg (14563)

Queen's Guard

uniqlo.jpg (25177)

UNIQLO in Regent Street

parkwestplace.jpg (18923)

Park West Place

theater.jpg (14471)

Her Majesty Theater

piccadilly.jpg (12622)

Piccadilly Circus

tube.jpg (14031)

Piccadilly line

South Bank (Third Day)

blueanchor.jpg (15017)

Blue Anchor near Hammersmith Bridge

jubilii.jpg (11992)

Waterloo Station of Jubilee Line

waterloo.jpg (21978)

Waterloo Station

Took lunch in OXO tower with Toby. (Restaurant Serial No.174)

oxo.jpg (13636)

with Toby at OXO tower

hub.jpg (15999)

Hub and Wheel of London eye

buckingham.jpg (16837)

Buckingham Palace

st.paul.jpg (21994)

St. Paul

Meeting Old Friends in Hampton (Forth Day)

marlborough.jpg (21905)

Estate in Marlborough

merment.jpg (22196)

with Janet and Tony in Hampton

Exodus (Fifth Day)

to London, Cotswolds and Wales

July 5, 2002

Rev. March 21, 2007

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