Album of Cotswolds

What is Cotswalds

Cotswalds is an area having Stratford-upon-Avon at north end Bath at south end.

Blenheim Palace (Fifth Day)

After leaving London, the first visit place to visit was Blenheim Palace.

blenheim.jpg (19393)

Blenheim Palace

Chipping Norton and Moreton-in-March

Chipping Norton is the forst town in Kotswalds.

chippingnorton.jpg (22983)

Chipping Norton

Mill Dene Garden milldene2.jpg (3787)

Took dinner in Crown Hotel. (Restaurant Serial No.180)

milldene.jpg (35347)

Mill Dene Garden

garedenroom.jpg (26255)

Garden Room

bath.jpg (18952)

Bath Room

wendy.jpg (21177)

Mrs. Wendy

Hidcote Manor Garden (Sixth Day) (Botanic Garden Serial No.177)

hidcotemanor.jpg (21023)

Country View from Hidcote Manor Garden

Chipping Camden

market hall

Took lunch in Rigon Arms. (Restaurant serial No.181)

chippingcamden.jpg (26408)

Flower Shop in Chipping Camden


broadway.jpg (21512)

Lygon Arms Hotel

Sudley Castle & Gardens (Botanic Garden Serial No.178)

sudlycastle.jpg (28248)

Tithe Barn

Remain of Abbey (Cistercian)

ruin.jpg (24444)

Remain of Abbey

Snowshill Manor (Seventh Day) (Botanic Garden Serial No.180)

snowshill.jpg (15565)


snowshillmanor.jpg (27292)

White Doves in Snowshill Manor



Bourton-on-the Water

bourtononthewater.jpg (18287)

Bourton-on-the Water

Clapton Manor clapton2.jpg (3902)

Took dinner in The Fox Inn. (Restaurant Serial No.182)

clapton.jpg (24911)

Looking Bourton-on-the Water

karin.jpg (17227)

Mrs. Karin Bolton

Lower & Upper Slaughter (Eighth Day)

lowerslaughter.jpg (24632)

Mother and Daughter

library.jpg (23996)

Running Library

mill.jpg (29431)


footpath.jpg (20882)

Public Foot Path

Lords of The Manor Hotel & Restaurant


bibury.jpg (26864)

Swan Hotel in Bibury

Barnsley House Garden (Botanic Garden Serial No.181)

barnsley.jpg (14124)

Barnsley House

Cirencester (Corinivm)

cirencester.jpg (18391)

St. Johon's Baptist Church

poppy.jpg (18712)

Poppy Field


burford.jpg (28602)


Roman Villa (Ninth Day)

romanvilla.jpg (11630)

Heated Floor

Castle Combe

castlecombe.jpg (19763)

Castle Combe

carrige.jpg (28959)


Dyrham Park

dyrhampark.jpg (18610)

Dyrham Park

Roman Baths

romanbath.jpg (14463)

Roman Baths

Grey Lodge greylodge.jpg (3635)

Took dinner in Hope and Anchor. (Restaurant Serial No.183)

greylodge.jpg (20592)

Grey Lodge

The Jane Austin Centre (Tenth Day)

Royal Crecent Hotel

crecent.jpg (18225)

Royal Crecent Hotel

makay.jpg (18341)

with Doreen and Jamie retierd in Devon

to London, Cotswolds and Wales

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