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Serial No.

Title Thumbnail Painted or made by
001 Woodbridge woodbridge.jpg Charles Patrickson
002 Fishing Boat fishing.jpg (12839) Nellie Stamford
003 no Title cooke.jpg (24448) Edward William Cooke
004 Gibraltar from The Sea gibraltar.jpg H. Winkles
005 Discipline hemy.jpg (27371) Thomas M. Hemy
006 A City of Cathay cathay.jpg Ch'ing dynasty academic painting
007 no Title argentina.jpg not known
008 Diamond Tower of Kozan Hekiunji Temple hekiun.jpg


Seki Seiho

009 Nicorai Dome in Ochanomizu dome.jpg Fumie Yamane 1998
0010 no Title flower.jpg Rinko Irie
011 no Title komatsu.jpg Reiko Komatsu
012 Present of Spring spring.jpg Yuga Hashiba, 2001
013 no Title son.jpg Kafu Son
014 Spring of Mt. Asama asama.jpg Koudou Yamada
015 The Montelbaans Tower watercolor.jpg (5888) Water Color for Calender.
016 Danae danae.jpg (33190) Gustav Klimt
017 Seven Mile Beach Ms. Masako Hishino
018 no Title Grand father
019 Boy with Red Vest by Paul CÚzanne Reproduction by Greenwood at age of 17

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