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THE SECRET GIG the man still in the shadow

version 8 edition 3 -- see news for changes

oggvorbis, and wav track are officially supported in version 8 edition 0. shell script monk-ogg-probe is deprecated. now monk-fn-handler.el enabling emacs to open multimedia files by normal find-file commands is a part of MonK archive as well (refer to readme). thus, current officially-supported tracks are:

now local RealMedia files can be read into a MonK track by beta track generator monk-real.el, which requires trplayer-1.2.0. trplayer should be patched to probe a RealMedia file from MonK (see the bottom of this page for the track generator, and the patch). I don't know if trplayer-1.2.0 can be compiled now, though.

you can use mpg321 as mp3 player instead of mpg123, but you should change your setup (refer to readme).

MonK runs on emacs-20.7/21.x, mule-2.3(19.28|19.34) without any moronic library, but perhaps won't run on xemacs.

xmcd-3.x seems to have deprecated cddbcmd(1x). I prepared a excerpt of cddbcmd(1x) from xmcd-2.6 (see the bottom of this page). cddbcmd(1x) is required to generate cdaudio track names.

now jumping / looping operation is possible for mpg (mpeg video) tracks from 7.16. see news.

when you make [mode-line c-drag-mouse-2] in emacs-21.x (since emacs-21.0.10[0-5]), you should make vertical move as well -- which means you should drag diagonally up or down until the pointer shape changes. These emacs-21.x'es do not generate `drag' modifier if the mode-line is dragged horizontally. guess this is one of those bugs of the version of emacs.

from version 7, the archive includes a module monk-watch.el which provides a new minor mode `monk-watch-directory-mode'. also track sorting (from 7.6) and track marking (from 7.7-7.11) facilities added.

from version 6 edition 14, C-c I (monk-write-id3-info) is available in monk-prop-edit-mode and in monk-mode. you need id3tool-1.1f (or later).

the interactive monk-the-ripper is not yet included in the archive, but is put over there. it works in an independent *monk*ripper* buffer. it's just working, without any fancy messaging, eg., timer does not show correct percentage of ripping. load it, then m-x monk-ripper ret while cdaudio tracks are shown. hitting ret starts the ripping from the track upon point.

monk.tar.gz -- the source tar ball

monk-ripper.el (monk-ripper-version: 0.10)

monk-real.el (monk-real-version: 0.1) requiring trplayer-1.2.0-monk.diff.gz.

cddbcmd(1x) source excerpted from xmcd-2.6.tar.gz (recent xmcd-3.x seems to have deprecate the command, use this this excerpt when it is difficult to get xmcd-2.6)

readme (the latest version -- maybe newer than the one in the archive)

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