Muß es sein ?
is an SKK clone or subset, or what ?

Last Sun Oct 27 02:38:40 2002
Current version: Opus 0 Nr 7


Here is the version zero series. Works on emacs-20.7/21.0.9[4-8], mule-2.3(19.28/19.34), without any moronic libraries.

If you are using emacs-20 or mule-2.3@19.34, you should install dabbrev.el of mule-2.3 (of plain 19.28, not 19.34's) to make lkk-elettronico work as intended. Their dabbrev.el is damaged and can't be used at least for normal Japanese editing.


LKK is an skk clone. LKK is absolutely smaller and faster than skk, and does not require any moronic libraries.
Watch out, LKK includes a GPL-applied file within, but all the other files are my personal copyrighted software from scratch, and I do disagree to modify, or re-distribute them.
All you can do is only modifying and redistributing the GPL-applied part with spliting it from the tar-ball.
The people more anxious about the tar-ball configuration than the virture of the codes should not download or further use lkk, and I do not discuss about the tar-ball structure.
I make this LKK public, just to demonstrate another way of life with an FEP written in elisp, than to use current skk, which is not the old skk anymore.




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