blinking LED gif blinking LED gif blinking LED gif
displays system load with
of keyboard LED
currently runs only on linux
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Last modified: Thu Dec 1 19:17:05 2005
( Stable 2.0.1 finally released)




2.0.1 release version.

Now PTHREAD support is default, and "make all" makes PTHREAD version.

In the PTHREAD version, you can define a floyd jobs with -D:

floyd -v -C -D -ES -D -pi ppp0 -N

On parsing each -D, all the current option/parameter status at that point are copied to a struct floyd_param, whose pointer is then registered in a struct floyd_job. The floyd_job is all launched after whole command line arguments are parsed. In the PTHREAD version, option -F just determines whether a child process should be forked or not, and can be put anywhere in the command line.

One still-undocumented option -o is present (I don't remember if I really didn't write about it in ChangeLog, nor when I implemented it, though), with which you can specify the `o'perating mode: -op: `p'acket load mode, or -ol: `l'oad average mode. I think I should implement some option -L<n|c|s> (a generic expression of the LEDs) too...


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