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This time I played by "height_field", the famous and powerful 3D-CG technique.

Only GIF format, 256 color picture, was available for "height_field" in POV-Ray ver.2 on my Macintosh and the expression was limited in rough stage. But in POV-Ray ver.3 TGA format, full color picture, is available and I can enjoy magnificient world created by "height_field".

Many artists show excellent works like landscapes by "height_field" already. But the world is so charmfull that I can't endure not showing my works.

    A step causes the image of stepping up, the pressure for upper stage.

      The movement of stepping up is against the nature,
      so that it is with the uncertainty and the isoration,
      so that it brings us the longing and the dream, the disillusionment and the discouragement.

A Step / 35k / Oct. 1997 / by Tsutomu Higo

    I don't lose interest in gazing at the surface of the water.

    Clean and cool flowing water will not vary,
    but will make varying and floating ripples.
    I indulge myself in gazing at the ripples.

Ripples / 48k / Oct. 1997 / by Tsutomu Higo

    A lady wear a diamond on her finger, as a fragment of the memory of the crystal palace.

    No lady has the memory of the age in the long past,
    where every thing has its own light, that makes anyone smailing and forgeting everything.
    The lady is wondering why she lost the memory through the fragment.

The Crystal Palace / 71k / Oct. 1997 / by Tsutomu Higo

    I think the world is comming soon.

    There are a grass-covered plains with ponds or woods in the fog,
    singing birds among the trees and rabits running through the grasses and dragonflys in the sky.
    But the scene is a illusion space drew with a computer,
    covered with dust like some plastic flowers in a office.
    People deny the truth that they have no nature without that drawn artifically.

A Pastoral / 39k / Oct. 1997 / by Tsutomu Higo

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