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    I make a cocoon for myself,
      for comming winter,
      for outgrowing spring.

    Scene file : pbgcocoo.txt

Cocoon / 78k / Oct. 2001 / by Tsutomu Higo

    There is a net, a shadow net.
      And we are all trapped in it
      so called terrorism.

    Scene file : pbgccore.txt

Net / 124k / Oct. 2001 / by Tsutomu Higo

    It has stopped raining.
    I have stopped walking.
      I see the trees standing in the blue,
      I see the world standing in the dark.

    Scene file : pbgtree.txt

Trees / 55k / Oct. 2001 / by Tsutomu Higo

    The moon is shining in the sky.
      I am sitting on the veranda.

    It must be an oriental elegance

      that I drink the shadow of the moon on sake wine.

    Scene file : pbgcup.txt

Cup / 52k / Oct. 2001 / by Tsutomu Higo

    A man will descend to a golden meadow,
      wearing blue,
        for the earth.

    Scene file : pbgfeel.txt

Feelers / 51k / Oct. 2001 / by Tsutomu Higo

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