Listening Points All time in UTC

No.99-12 /JUL 1st 1999

= ASIA =

4840 AIR Mumbai(presumed) Jun.19 1603-1617 25222-13221 
in Hindi. Indian music with talk by woman. (Kanai)
6150 AIR Delhi Jun.14 1720-1736 34443-24332. Music and talk 
by woman in Hindi till 1730 then pips and ID in English, News 
by woman. (Kanai) 

3224.8 RRI-Tanjungpinag Jun 11 1126-1159 Local pop music
program.RRI ID and SCI at 1159.Location presumed.(Takeno)
3231.88 RRI Bukittinggi(presumed) Jun.13 1307-1314 24222 
in Indonesian. Jakarta news relay. Reception in Togura, 
Nagano. (Kanai)
3231.88 RRI-Bukittinggi Jun 11 1208-1214 News from Jakarta
then ID at 1214 as Radio Republik Indoensia Bukittinggi,clearly.
Fair conditions. (Takeno)
3325 RRI Parankaraya Jun.12 1411-1432 34333 in Indonesian. 
Talk by man. ID at 1431. Reception in Togura, Nagano. (Kanai)
3325 RRI-Palangkaraya Jun 12 1453-1502 Local pop music.
ID at 1459 then SCI,news from Jakarta. Fair.(Takeno)
3344.74 RRI Ternate Jun.12 1402-1411 35433-2 in Indonesian. 
Talk by man. 1406 ID and fq announcement. 1407 Talk. 
Reception in Togura, Nagano. (Kanai)
3395.12 RRI-Banda Lampung(Presumed) Jun 11 1219-1228 
Talk by man and woman.Heard Banda Lampung word heard several 
4003.2 RRI-Padang(Presumed) Jun 12 1508-1525 News from
Jakarta then music program,Fair. (Takeno)
6153.45 RRI Biak Jun.17 0945-1002 24322 in Indonesian. 
Talk by man. ID at 0955. (Kanai)

17720 R.Pilipnas Jun.14 1833-1915 45554-35322 in Filipino. 
Tel-Talk about "OSW"(??). (Kanai)  

R.Thailand -QSL-
QSLcard and schedule received in 60 days. Reported in Japanese (Takeno)


Recently I did not hear ORTB on 4870kHz.Off the air?? (Takeno)

15475 Afrique No.1 Jun.14 1739-1755* 34333-24332 in French. 
Afro pops and talk by man. ID at 1754. (Kanai)
21550 R.Japan via Gabon Jun.15 0859 Fq announcement 0900 
News in Japanese. SINPO 35322. (Kanai)

21515 VOA Morocco relay Jun.11 1453-1459* 35433 in Albanian. 
Talk about Kosobo situation. Location and language is from 
IBB homepage. (Kanai)

3326 R.Nigeria-Lagos Jun 11 1853-1910 Talk by man in English
and local pop music.ID at 1900. SINPO 33343,Fair.  (Takeno)

6055 R.Rwanda Jun 11 1953-2005 African pop music program,
talk by man in French.ID at 1956. Fair conditions.(Takeno)



21580 RFi Jun.19 0925-0932 35333 in French. Talk by man till
0929. 0930 talk about Kosovo situation. ID at 0930. //21620 
SINPO25232. (Kanai)

V.O.Russia  -QSL-
card and schedule and letter received about 60 days. Reported in Japanese(Takeno)


3220 R.Morobe Jun 11 1044-1059 Talk by man and woman then
American pop music. ID at 1059 as This is Radio Morobe,3220
kHz,Fair. (Takeno)
3235 R.West New Britain(Presumed) Jun 13 0956-1000
Live local pop music program, Fair .(Takeno)
3245 R.Gulf Jun 11 1008 -1012 News by man in Pidgin.NBC ID at
1010.Location presumed.Fair.(Takeno)
3260 R.Madang Jun 11 0942-0952 Talk in local language(Not
Pidgin),ID at 0949.Fair. (Takeno)
3275 R.Southern Highlands Jun 11 1138-1159 Talk by man
in Pidgin,and American pop music.ID and frequency announcement
at 1159 then Music and signed off. Fair (Takeno)
3305 R.Western Jun 11 1105-1122 Local News at 1105 in local
language(not Pidgin) then tropical sound.Poor .(Takeno)
3315 R.Manus(Presumed)  Jun 11 0957-1005 Talk in Pidgin.
Very strong signal (Takeno)
3335 R.East Sepik(Presumed) Jun 13 1008-1015 Talk
by man in local language(Not Pidgin),Papua New Guinea word
heard several times.SINPO 23432 (Takeno)
3375 R.Western Highlands Jun 11 1017-1034 News? and 
Instrumental music.ID at 1017.Not Pidgin,Fair. (Takeno)

5019.98 SIBC Jun 11 0855-0902 Honiala Hotel information,
and ID,Frequency announcement with TC at 0859. Good signal.


11710 RAE Jun.23 1209-1219 34333 in Spanish. Talk by man 
and woman. ID at 1215 as "Radiodifusora Argentina al Exterior
...frecuencia 11710kHz" (Kanai)

6155.06 R.Fides Jun.23 1049-1102 24332-22321 in Spanish. 
Talk by man and woman, music. 1100 information. (Kanai)

11705 R.Trans Mundial Jun.23 1037-1047 22322 in Portugese. 
Religious talk by man, music. ID at 1044 as "...Radio (emisora?)
Trans Mundial..." (Kanai)
11804 R.Globo Jun.17 1117-1125 34332-24332 in Portuguese. 
Music with talk by man. SJ sometimes heard. (Kanai)
11925.07 R.Bandeirantes Jun.19 1106-1118 25232 in Portuguese. 
Talk by man. ID at 1115 after pips. (Kanai)

9725 AWR Jun.19 1123-1130 33432-32432 in Spanish. Talk program 
produced at Nicaragua. In that program, ID as "Radio Adventista 
de Nicaragua" was heard. ID at 1130 as "La Voz de la Esperanza, 
Radio Adventista Mundial" (Kanai)

21455USB HCJB Jun.19 -0925- 25332 in English. "DX Party Line"

4829.95 R.Tachira Jun 11 0957-1005 Anthem? and ID as Radio Tachira
clearly then talk by man in Spanish,Poor. (Takeno)


REPORTER are Takeshi Kanai,Yokohama Japan,AOR AR7030/DRAKE R-8/KENWOOD R-1000 with 19 meters wire Nobuo Takeno, Tokyo Japan,JRC NRD535D/Lowe HF225E with 10 meters wire