Listening Points All time in UTC

No.98-19 /NOV 3rd 1998

= ASIA =

4682.67 Lao National Radio local station. Oct 24. 1048 Talk in local
language. At 1200 relay program  from Vientiane and signed off at 1230.

6025.0 V.O.Islam via R. Malaysia. Oct 24. Opening anmt with ID "Inilah
Suara Islam" then news. At 1402 reading of Holy Koran. It is the first
time that I picked up V.O.Islam's  Malay service. Fair. (Yamada)

5010.0  R.Pakistan. Oct 22. Tlk by OM. ID at 1459. Time pips at 1500
then news. Signed off at 1600. Fair. (Yamada)

9540 Swiss R. Int. via Singapore Oct.31,1100-1106,45433,
English news by man. ID as "You are listening to World Radio 
Switzerland" at 1103. QSY from 9810?? (Kanai)


9990 R.Cairo Oct 17 2115-2120 English 23432
Pips Pips and Opning music.Bad Audio (Takeno)

4885 Kenya B.C. Oct.17 2104 Christian messgage program
then ID at 2105 as "This is KBC Nairobi" then signed off (Takeno)4935 Kenya B.C. Oct.24 2055 English 33433   
Pop Music and 2100 pips ,then "This is KBC,Nairobi" ID by woman.(Takeno)

5100.05 R.Liberia Int.Oct.24 2045-2100 Fair conditions
2045 Talk in unknown language,2100 News in English about 
UN in Liberia ,ID as "You are listening to...service of Liberian 
Communication Network,broadcasting from Monrobia"(Takeno)

11092.5 USB R.St.Helena Oct 24  2145 Talk by man and Music 
2100 ID as "Radio St. Helena" by man.Poor conditions this year.(Takeno)

4965 Christian Voice Oct 16 2034-2048 English
Music and talk by man.iD at 2048 (Takeno)



15450 R.Vlaanderen Int. Oct 17 1157-1201 35443
Only heard IS and ID.(Takeno)

21580 RFI Oct.31,1027-1034,35232, Talk by man in French till 
1028, short music, 1030- news by man. //15300(33232),21685(35443) (Kanai)

21600 DW Oct.31- 0938- 34333 English
ID then Mail bag Africa program.TX Location Unknown  (Takeno)

QSLcard and Sticker received. about 60days.
Aug.9th on 15650kHz
letter said
"For your information,the English Service was closed on September 27th,which we
all are very sorry for.
Therefore I don't enclose any programme schedule,but a sticker.
Due to tight economic budgets, we are no longer confirming any reception report too."

21655 R.Portugul Oct.31 0938-1002 43443 
Pop Music program.ID as "RDP Africa" heard several times.Used
LSB Mode,because heavy QRM from BBC on 21660kHz (Takeno)

9690 R.Romania Int. Oct.17 2109-2115 English 34433
News about Geraman Parliament.(Takeno)

21570 REE Oct.31 0935-0938 45433 Spanish
Good conditions.ID heard as "Radio Exterior de Espana"(Takeno)
21570 REE  Oct.31,1011-1027,35433, Spanish world news prgm 
"Mundo medico". ID at 1013. good signal. (Kanai)

21550 Merlin Network One Oct.31,0949-1011,35333, Nonstop 
music till 0954,0954-0959 info and ID several times.
//17630 SINPO 35333. (Kanai)


3275 R.Southern Highlands(Presumed) Oct.24 1158-1215 Poor
Pop  music and 1200 Talk in Pidgin then Music and 1215 signed off
3385.0  R.East New Britain. Oct 24. 1144 Music program ID at 1156 as
"Krai bilong Tavurvur" also at 1157 "Radio East New Britain". At 1200
count down top ten music program. Fair. (Yamada)
3385 R.East New Britain Oct.25 0903-0910 35343
NBC News program //4890kHz.Local ID at 0909 as " Radio East
New Britain" by woman (Takeno)
4890 NBC-Port Moresby Oct.24 0956-1002 English 45433
1000 "8 o'clock, This is NBC National News"  Very strong. Actived
again. (Takeno)
4890 NBC Port Moresby Oct.27 -1100- 44444-44433 strong signal, 
Talk by man in EG. Reactive. TNX tip for info of Cumbre DX #213. (Kanai)


See YOKOHAMA DXing ! for LA DXer

REPORTER: Takeshi Kanai,Yokohama Japan,AOR AR7030/DRAKE R-8/KENWOOD R-1000 with 19 meters wire Nobuo Takeno, Tokyo Japan,JRC NRD535D/Lowe HF-250,225E with 10 meters wire Juichi Yamada,Tokyo Japan ,JRC NRD525/AOR AR7030 with AN-1