Listening Points All time in UTC

No.98-1/ Feb.1 1998

= ASIA =

4879.2 Bangladesh Betar 1/23 1534-1547. English & Bengali. 1534 News in English.
1541 Tlk by YL.1545 ID by YL as "Bangladesh Betar", then tlk in Bengali. 34333-32332.
(Juichi Yamada)

4000.0 Nei Menggu P.B.S. Jan.26 1445-1455. Chinese. ID at 1445,then Chinese music.
44444.(Juichi Yamada)

7445 R.Taipei Int. in English Jan.24 1102-1115 Anthem then News by woman. ID as
"Radio Taipei International" 23442 (Takeno)

4770.0 Ramdom number station (North Korea). 1/21 (s/on)1400-1415(s/off). 1400 IS,
opening music & opening anmt, then reading ramdom number. 54444.(Juichi Yamada)

6025.0 R.TV Malaysia. 1/23 1411-1441. Malay. 1411 Arabic music. 1415 Tlk by OM.
1426 Arabic music. 1430 time pips, then News by YL. 1439 ID, 1440 Tlk by YL.
33333. (Juichi Yamada)

3345.65 FEBC Jan.23 2127-2140 in local language,Music and ID as "Far East Broadcasting
Company" at 2132 then chorus Music SINPO 22332 (Takeno)
9670 R.Veritas Asia, Jan.27 1159-1211 IS,ID in English as "This is Radio Veritas Asia,
broadcasting from Quezon City,Philippine",talk by man.I could not recongnize the language it
was used, acc. to WRTH'97, language is Karen. SINPO 45454 VY FB condition. (Kanai)
15450 FEBC in English Jan.24 0155-0210 Thank you letter program. 35443 (Takeno)

Philippine and the other
I cheked VOA's English service for asian morning time on Jan.21 & 24.
Time freq,SINPO,
2300-2400 7215kHz 34443, 9770kHz 25232, 9890kHz 35333,11760kHz 43443,
15185kHz 45333,17819.95kHz 45444. 9770kHz is Udorn Thai relay.
15290,15305kHz was not checking.
Checked on Jan.21.
0000-0100 7215kHz 25222, 9890kHz 35433,11760kHz 44443,13740kHz 35422,15185kHz
45333,15290kHz 45444,17735kHz 35333,17819.95kHz 45444.13740kHz is Delano relay for
Latin America. Checked on Jan.24.15290kHz and 17819.95kHz is best for listenning. (Kanai)

6070 R.Singapore Int. Jan.28 1131-1143 News in Malay. SINPO 44443-42442,
Heavy QRM of R.Pyongyang and RRI-Jayapura. (Kanai)
21660 BBC Far East, Jan.25 0910-0917 Introduce of WWW page of BBC,0914 "Play of the
week",talked about Ice skate show of Las Vegas. SINPO 45444 VY good. (Kanai)


4820 R.Botswana(Presumed) Not heard ID. Jan.23 2014-2035 African pops music.
SINPO 22442 QRM from co-channel.(Takeno)
7415 VOA-Botswana relay Jan.23 2138-2145 in English ,World report program
SINPO 34443 FB (Takeno)

15585.0 R.Nederland, Madagaskar. 1/22 1434-1453. English. 1434 "News" 1438
"news Line". 35333-45333. (Juichi Yamada)

3289.9 Namibian B.C. in English Jan.23 1938-2005 telephone talk program,ID as
"National Radio Two" at 2100,then News by man. SINPO 25442.WRTH said this 3290kHz
is Radio One" (Takeno)


9677v V.O.Justice(presumedj,Azerbaijan(H). 1/23 1505-1530(s/off). Unknown language.
Talk and often short music was heard. 33433-23432.(Juichi Yamada)

7465 Kol Israel in English Jan.24 2101-2025 Report program then Schedule ID and IS
at 2025 and Sign off. SINPO 35443 FB (Takeno)

7370.0 Turkish Police Radio(presumed). 1/20 1518-1532 Turkish. Local music & short tlk.
34333-23332. (Juichi Yamada)
7200 V.O.Turkey in English Jan.23 2145-2156 Talk about Isramic economy. ID as "Voice of
Turkey" at 2156 by man .32342 Heavy QRM from Co-channel (Takeno)


3965 RFI in French (Presumed) Jan.25 1945-1950 Talk program 24432 (Takeno)

9590 V.O.Greece, Jan.26 1000* IS,National Anthem and sign off.SINPO 35433
good condition. (Kanai)

9705 R.Sweden Int., Jan.20 1331-1338, News in English by man, 1335 "Media Scan".
SINPO 35333-25322. (Kanai)


9710 R.Australia, Jan.25 0840-0905 Report program in English. 0903 News.
SINPO 45444. (Kanai)

11904.98 R.New Zealand Int., Jan.27 0458-0504 IS(Bell Bird),ID "This is New Zealand
Calling.",pips,News in English by woman. SINPO 24232,severe side splash from
11910kHz,so LSB use was better. (Kanai)

9985.10 KHBN, Jan.27 1147-1201 Religious talk in Korean by man. This time shuld be a
Japanese program. (Kanai)

2410 R.Enga in Pidgin Jan.23 1052-1105 News program //4890kHz Port Moresby
SINPO 25332 not so good.(Takeno)
3260 R.Madang(Presumed) Jan.23 1148-2105 Sign off. talk by man,then
Chime,and talk by woman, 22442 condition (Takeno)
4890 NBC-Port Moresby, Jan.27 0957-1002 Information in English,music,
1000 News in Pidgine by woman. ID at 0959. (Kanai)

4960 R.Vanuatu in Pidgin Jan.24 1045-1050 Local music program,then ID as "Radio
Vanuatu" by man at 1048 33443 condition good. (Takeno)



9230.0 V.O.Democratic Eritrea, Clandestine. 1/24 1509-1530. Arabic? Tlk, ID, &
local music. 45333. (Juichi Yamada)

Takeshi Kanai,Yokohama Japan,AOR AR7030/DRAKE R-8/KENWOOD R-1000 with 19 meters wire
Nobuo Takeno, Tokyo Japan,JRC NRD535D/Lowe HF-250 with 40 meters wire
Juichi Yamad,Tokyo Japan ,JRC NRD525/AOR AR7030 with AN-1