Listening Points All time in UTC

No.2000-06/ MAR 15 2000

= ASIA =

3214.83 RRI Manado 1133 Local ID,fair (Takeno Mar 3)
3264.65 RRI Gorontalo(Presumed) 1100 Talk in News? Very Weak signal.
(Takeno Mar 5)
Not heard Gorontalo signal in night and morning program.
(Takeno Mar 9 to 12)
3325 RRI Palangaraya 1113 Talk in Indonesian by man,mention of palangkaraya.
Good signal (Takeno Mar 3)
3344.83 RRI Ternate 1131 Interviw prpgram 1159 ID and SCI.SINPO34443
(Takeno Mar 3)
5046.36 RRI Yogyakarta(Presumed) 2042 Traditional music and talk,live
program? (Takeno Mar 4)

12085 V.O.Mongolia 2100 Japanese program.SINPO 45443 (Takeno Mar 3)

4830 R.Thailand 2159 Chime 2200 Anthem and ID by man in local language
SINPO 22342,QRM from Utility station.(Takeno Mar 9)


15160 A.Algeria Int. 2010 Pop music then talk.ID at 2027 by man.
This is English program.SINPO 25342 (Takeno Mar 11)

17875 VOA Ascension relay 1217-1229* 35333-23222, Spanish 
program "Buenos dias America". 1229 signed off with English 
ID. (Kanai)

5985 RTV Congolaise(Presuned) 2118 Latin pop music
and Frtench talk,mention of Congo.SINPO 22342.QRM from
Jamming.(Takeno Mar 10)

6249.36 R.Nacional Malabo 2033 Talk by man in Spanish and music.
Radio Malabo ID at 2043,Fair.2100 Heavy QRM from Pyongyang.
(Takeno Mar 9)

4935 Kenya B.C.(Presumed) 1830 News? by woman in Unknown
langauge.Fair (Takeno Mar 10)

5009.6 R.Malagasy(Presumes) 1959 Local pop music and talk by woman
in local language.(Takeno Mar 11)

3380 Malawi B.C.(Presumed) 2105 News? by man,then pop
music.Weak signal. (Takeno Mar 10)

5995 R.didd.TV Malienne 2147-2156 Afro music and talk in 
local language. Poor signal. //4835 (Kanai Mar 6)

4769.95 R.Nigeria Kaduna 2114 News in Englishm,ID at 1114
Fair (Takeno Mar 9)

6055 R.Rwanda(Presuned) 1949 African pop music and French talk.
QRMfrom R.Slovakia Int. Poor (Takeno Mar10)


11765 VOIRI 2110 Talk by man in English.ID at 2015.//9022kHz
SINPO 35343 (Takeno Mar 3)

11605 Kol Israel 2103 News about Palestinian demonstration,
ID at 2105 as You are tuned to Kol Israel,voice of Israel.Then
Interview program.Fair (Takeno Mar 10)


21595 R.Finland 1126-1131 35333 in probably Finnish. Talk 
by woman, music. 1129 IS 1130News by woman. (Kanai Mar 1)

11805 VOA Kavaka relay 0640-0659* 33333-23332 English talk 
program.  "VOA News now for Africa". At 0659 "VOA News Now 
for Afirca"announcement was heard and signed off. (Kanai Mar 4)

21520 RAI 0856-0922 Domestic program relay. ID at 0905 as 
Radio 2. Good singal. (Kanai Mar 10)

11840U R.Sakhalin/R.Rossii 2151-2202 R.Sakhalin program till 2200, 
from then R.Rossii relay. DW on c/c carrier on at 2159 and signed 
on at 2200, so R.Sakhalin can be heard good condition SINPO45444 
but R Rossii SINPO42442 not good. (Kanai Mar 9)

9615 Global Sound Kitchen via MNO *2159-2210 34333-22322, 
Signed on with dance music. ID at 2205 as "Welcome to the Global 
Sound Kitchen..." by woman. (Kanai Mar 3)

4850 Uzbek R. 2029 Only heard Intervak signal,then talk in local
language.SINPO 35333.Not QRM from CRTV.(Takeno Mar 11)


3204.96 R.Sandaun 1000 Talk in Pidigin,ID at 1003 as NBC,Radio Sandaun.
SINPO 35333 Fair,but sometime carrier off.TX condition is bad?.(Takeno Mar 5) 
3220 R.Morobe1012 Talk by man in local language,ID,1013 News in English.
SINPO 22342 (Takeno Mar 10)
3235 R.West New Britain 1003 News by man in English.ID at 1009.
SINPO 22342.Signal was weak from another PNG station.(Takeno Mar 10)
3335 R.East Sepik 0954 NBC ID then talk in Pidgin.SINPO32342.QRM from
CBS,Taiwan.(Takeno Mar 5)


45344.95 RAE 2204-2243 45433-35433 ID, music, newscast program 
"Panorama Informativo" (Kanai Mar 6)

4814.98 R.Difusora Londrina(Presumed)  2150 Religious live speech by 
man.Fair (Takeno Mar 9)
11915 R.Gaucha 2110 Talk by man.2115 Time pips then ID.Fair (Takeno Mar 11)

6160 CBC 1005-1011 23322 Program from R.Sweden. (Kanai Mar 1)

5955.05 CARACOL Villavicencio 0948-1001 34322-22322 Newscast show 
("Noticias de CARACOL"?) by man and woman. Word "CARACOL Colombia" 
was frequently heard. (Kanai Mar 1)

5030.1 University Network relay 0806 Dr.Gene Scott program.//5755 KAIJ
SINPO 34433 (Takeno Mar 11)

5025 R.Rebelde 0907 Many Salsa Music,ID at 0932.SINPO 35343
Good signal.(Takeno Mar 11)
15230 R.Habana Cuba(Presumed) 2315 Live speech in Spanish about Cuba.
Good signal.0000 Pyongyang signed on,so heavy QRM. (Takeno Mar 5)

4784.02 R.Oriental 1050 Talk by man about Ecuador and Quito.
Oriental word heard several times.Fair. Thanks tip from Kanai.
Now,Radio Orienrtal is here,not 4782kHz. (Takeno Mar 10)
4870 Voz del Upano 1030 Religious program for Chidren,mention
of Santa Maria,madre de Dios,fair (Takeno Mar 10)
4950.1 R.Baha'i (Presuned) 0952 Andean music and talk by man and woman,
I thought not in Spanish.SINPO 24342 

11895 R.Japan via French Guiana 0512-0520 35433 Japanese pop music
and talk by woman in Spanish. (Kanai Mar 4)

4799.76 R.Bunas Nuevas(Presuned) 1155 Local latin pop
music.1158 Frequency announcement ,SINPO 22342 (Takeno Mar 10)

4800.05 XERTA 1126 Spanish talk then Local pop music.
ID as Radio Transcontinental de America at 1145 adn 1151 by man.
SINPO 22242 (Takeno Mar 10)
4800.5 XERTA 1136-1148 Music program. ID at 1141 as "Radio Trans
continental..." poor signal and bad audio. (Kanai Mar 10)
6184.95 R.Educacion 0756-0807 35232-25232 talk by man till 0759. 
0801 ID "Radio Eduacion de onda corta....", then music program. 
6184.96 R.Educacion 0750 News and Repor program.ID at 0759.
Fair (Takeno Mar 11)

15315 R.Nederland relay 2556 ID then talk by woman in Spanish.
Fair (Takeno Mar 4)

4790 R.Atlantida(Presumed)  0942 Talk by man and woman in Spanish.
Weak signal.(Takeno Mar 11)
4904.73 R.La Oroya 1035-1046 Talk by amn with Andean music, TC was 
sometimes heard. ID at 1042. SINPO24322. (Kanai Mar 11)
4904.75 R.La Oroya(Presumed) 1035 Talk by man in Spanish,but signal was
weak.(Takeno Mar 11)
4975.1 R.del Pacifico(Presumed) 0931 Sapnish talk by man at live speech.
Strong signal but heavy QRM from 4975 Fujian,China. (Takeno Mar 11)
4954.99 R.Cultural Amauta 1014 Andena music and Religious msuci.
Fanfare then  "Hola,Cultural.Musica.."announce at 1030.SINPO 35343 Good
signal.(Takneo Mar 11)
4991.8 R.Ancash 1004 Andean music and talk,ID at 1010 as Radio Ancash,
clealy and Ancash word heard several times.SINPO 32342 Strong signal.
(Takeno Mar 11)
5300.0 R.Superior(Presumed) 1047 Many Andean music,then talk in Spanish.
Bolivar word heard several times.SINPO23342.QRM from Utility stataion.
(Takeno Mar 11)

5085 WGTG(presumed) 1002-1013s/off talk by man. At 1006 announcement 
as "....Glory Network" was heard. 1013 suddenly signed off. 
(Kanai Mar 10)
7385 WRMI-R.Miami Int. 0745-0802 Religious program by man. 0758 ID 
as "This is ...W.R.M.I. P.O.Box 52...Miami Florida.." 0759 Spanish 
talk by woman, 0800 Spanish program. Thanks info for Noaya Ohmori.
(Kanai Mar 12) 
9370.73 WJTC 0847 Choral music 0900 News,ID and address infrormation
 at 0902,Fair (Takeno Mar 11)
21600 R.Marti 2155 Latin music,ID at 2159 then Spanish talk.Fair 
(Takeno Mar 9)

4980 Ecos del Torbes 1118 Talk by man.ID at 1119.Fair (Takeno Mar 11)


4930.0 unID 1046-1052+ Music and Spanish? talk by man. Very poor 
signal and QRMed with Utility station. Also on Mar 12 cold be heard 
only music. (Kanai Mar 11)

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