Listening Points All time in UTC

No.2000-02 / JAN 16 2000

= ASIA =

2340 Fujian P.B.S. Jan 1 1158 Telephone talk,Time pips
and ID as "Fujian Renmin Guang Bordientai" by man.
Fair (Takeno)

3215 RRI Manado Dec 31 2058-2100 Local music,Local
ID then News from Jakarta.Fair (Takeno)
3265 RRI Gorontalo Dec 31 -2100-  RRI ID and News
From Jakarta.Fair (Takeno)
3325 RRI Palangkaraya Dec 31 2204-2213
News from Jakarta,Chorus music RRI ID.Fair.Signed
on at 2200.Fair (Takeno)
3345 RRI Ternate Dec 31 2106-2110 News by man then
Chorus music.Fair (Takeno)
3976.06 RRI Pontianak Jan 3 2040-2113 Telephone talk
and local pop music.Pontianak word heard several times,
Fair (Takeno)
4000.12 RRI Kendari(Presuemd) Jan 3 2120-2130
Talk in Indoenesian by woman.SINPO 32332 Utility stn.QRM
4003.20 RRI Padang(Presumed) Jan 3 2130-2140
Talk by man and woman in Indoenesian and pop music.
SINPO 22332. (Takeno)
6153.4 RRI Biak Jan 9 0930 News relay form Jayapura,so announce
at News heard as "Radio Republik Indoensia Nusantara lima Jayapura".
Local ID at 0941 as "Radio Republik Indoensia Biak" .Fair (Takeno)

3970 USB NHK Nagoya Ch.1 Jan 8 0950 Waether focus and
local area information by man in Japanese.Local ID at 0959 as
"Nagoya Dai ichi Houso,JOCK" by woman.JOCK is Call sign of
NHK Nagoya Ch.1. Strong signal.(Takeno)
6005 NHK Sapporo Ch.1 Jan 9 0955 Weather focus and local
area information ,Address of NHK Sapporo by man in Japanese.
Local ID at 0959 as "Sapporo Dai ichi Houso desu,JOIK" by woman.
JOIK is Callsign of NHK Sapporo. Strong signal. (Takeno)

4795.9 Son La B.S.(Presumed) Jan 9 1235-1300 Talk by man
in local langaige and traditional music.Thanks Johnson's tip on
Cumbre DX No.275.Good signal but not heard ID.(Takeno)
4960 V.O.Vietnam-Hanoi Jan 9 2156 Signed on then music
2200 ID? by woman and talk.2205 Anthem and Vietnam,Hanoi
announcement (Takeno)


4850 CRTV Yaounde Jan 7 1927 French talk by woman and
Radio Cameroon ID then Instrumental music.SINPO 22342
QRM from co-channel Uzbek Radio. (Takeno)

5035.0 R.Centrafrique(Presumed) Jan 9 2204-2245 Talk by
man in local language then Non-stop African poo music.
Fair (Takeno)

5985.0 RTV Congolaisae Jan 9 2245 African pop music
2259 ID as Radio Congo then talk by woman in French and
signed off at 2300. SINPO 22442 QRM from Jamming.(Takeno)

7270 RTV Gabonaise Jan 7 1952 African pop music,1959
Radio Gabon ID heard several times.SINPO34333. (Takeno)

3210 R.Mozambique(Pesumed) Dec 31 1745-1800
Portuguese? talk and pop music.(Takeno)

3270 Namibian B.C.(Presumed) Dec 30 2040-2050
Talk in English by man.SINPO 24332 (Takeno)

6049.95 R.Nigeria Ibadan Jan 7 2059-2105 Interval signal of Drums
and music,then ID ,Weak.(Takeno)
7255 V.O.Nigeria Jan 7 1952-2000 African music and English talk.
Talking drum and ID at 1959.SINPO 22342 (Takeno)

6055 R.Rwanda Jan 7 2050-2058 African pop music and French and
English ID.SINPO 32332  (Takeno)

3255 BBC Meyerton Dec 31 2055-2059 English talk, ID
at 2059.SINPO 22332 (Takeno)
3320 R.Sonder Grense(presumed) Dec 31 2121-2135
Pop music and Unknown langauge talk.Poor . (Takeno)
15215 Channel Africa Dec 31 0558 Interval signal 0600
ID and Schedule information in English.Fair (Takeno)

5050.05 R.Tanzania Jan 9 2008-2020 News program in local
language.ID at 2010.SINPO 24442 (Takeno)

6265 Zambia Nat.B.C. Jan 9 1945-2001 African traditional music.
Radio One annouce at 1956 by man.Weak signal.(Takeno)


9760 Cyprus B.C. Dec 31 2213-2215 35433
Only heard Interval signal ,Fair (Takeno)



3315 R.Manus Dec 30 1941-1950 Chorus music and ID
at 1945 as "Program Manus,Radio Manus" by man.
SINPO24432 (Takeno)
3325 R.Bougainvaille Dec 30 1920-1934 Local pop music.
ID at 1931.Fair (Takeno)
3325 R.Bougainville Jan 7 1925 ID then Chorus music,Poor.
3375 R.Western Highlands Dec 30 2007-2025 News in Pidgin
by woman.2008 Talk by man.ID at 2010.Fair (Takeno)
3375 R.Western Highlands Jan 9 2020-2030 Pop music and
ID at 2022 then talk by man in Pidgin.Fair (Takeno)
3385 R.East New Britain Dec 30 1935-1940 Chorus music
and talk by man in Pidgin.ID at 1940.Fair (Takeno)
3395 R.Eastern Highlands Dec 31 1802-1840 Talk in Pidgin
by woman.New Year morinig program.Local pop music and
chorus music."Eastern Highlands,Papua New Guinea" announce
heard at 1837. SINPO 35333 (Takeno)


15345 R.Nacional Jan.8 0858-0905 21431 in Spanish.
Talk by man, time pips, news? by woman. Under the Taipei
on c/c. ID at 0903 by woman. (Kanai)

6134.78 R.Santa Cruz Jan 4 1002-1015 Andean music and
"Radio Santa Cruz" announce at 1015.SINPO 25342 (Takeno)

9615 R.Cultura(Presumed) Jan 8 0704-0725 Latin music and
Portuguese talk by man.(Takeno)
11804.80 R.Globo Jan.8 0840-0846 35332 in Portuguese.
Music and talk by man. Station jingle was heard several
times. (Kanai)

11890.0 Voz Cristiana Jan.8 0847-0850 35343. Religious
talk by man in Spanish. // 11690. (Kanai)

5040.0 Voz del Upano(presumed) Jan.9 1127-1131 22332-11321
in Spanish. Talk by woman, folklore music. Announcemnt
"...catolica, cultural" was heard two times at 1128.

5677.97 unID perhaps peruvian Jan.9 -1133- 25332, typical
peruvian folklore was heard. I think this is Radio Ilucan but
on JP #84 R.Frecuencia was reported on thos fq. I'm confuse...
6115 R.Union Jan.10 1117-1124 21321:under China station.
Newscast program by man and woman. ID with TC was heard some
time. (Kanai) 

6060 R.Marti Delano Jan.9 1300* 34433 in Spanish.
ID by woman as "Aqui esta, Radio Marti" was heard several
times, 1259 IS, ID by man then signed off. (Kanai)

HCJB Japanese program, Ozaki's Family Photo. (Takeno)


REPORTER are Takeshi Kanai,Yokohama Japan,AOR AR7030/DRAKE R-8/KENWOOD R-1000 with 19 meters wire Nobuo Takeno, Tokyo Japan,JRC NRD535D/Lowe HF225E with 10 meters wire