AZ-1 As a Show Model

AZ-1 is modified to the show models which have a variety of styles in addition to the introduced cars. Before Mazda introduces M2 1015, M2 publishes 1015A, 1015B which are the origin of 1014 and 1015.

M2 1014

M2 1014 is published in 1993 Tokyo Motor Show. It reminds of off-road type AZ-1. It can be seen like a " Ramble Guinea Chetha" introduced by Ramble Guinea.

M2 1015A

1015A is an image of " Spartan-Microsports". Design is WRC style and it resembles to the introduced M2 1015.

M2 1015B

1015B's ceiling and side of the glass parts were made by plastic and it can be put on and off by zipper and hook.

As an example of modified AZ-1 done by other than Mazda is RE-Amemiya. 3 rotaries are put in lengthwise in rear. Design is very showy. The only trace of AZ-1 is Gullwing parts. The styling can be said that it is the developed type of AZ-550 TYPE-C, but it has the best style of AZ-1 introduced by now.