Cherno's History

Shin Sugawara(Sax.)
Born in 1965 in Yamagata prefecture.
The name of "cherno" is derived from the band in his college days.
It was 1980'S just at that moment!

Junichi Kishimoto(Guitar)
Born in 1968 in Fukui prefecture.
He met Sugawara at a club with live music.
At that time,Kishimoto recited accompanying himself,
and Sugawara's band was just like a noise unit.
Althouth this pairing was a little strange.
The trigger of his joining to cherno was this two things.
Kishimoto had a concert ticket of King Crimson,
which was visiting JAPAN after eleven years' absence,
and he spoke to Sugawara personally,though he was shy.

September 1995 Coming into play with the irregulartrio(Sugawara,Kishimoto,Matsuki<drums>)
May 1996 Recording "Cherno Vol.1"(distributed for free)
January 1997 Recording "Cherno Vol.2"(distributed for free)
November 1997 Recording "Cherno Vol.3"(distributed for free)
September 1998 Matsuki(Drum) withdraw from cherno.After that time,Cherno works as Duo.
January 2000 Releasing "Cherno Vol.4"(first recording as sax and guitar duo)
June 2000 Gig with "Mochizuki Matsuyama Duo",playing "Larks'Tongues in Aspic,Part Two"
February 2001 Gig with "Mochizuki Matsuyama Duo" again,playing"RED"
March 2001 Shifting to the new sequencer systems.
July 2001 Begining to the recording of "Cherno Vol.5",one or two every month.
October 2001 Guesting on "Mochizuki Matsuyama Duo"(Kishimoto).Since then,he Guests on them irregularly.
October 2001 Gig(for the first time) at MANDA-LA2.
November 2001 Gig with "Mochizuki Matsuyama Duo" the thied time,playing "Rydeen"(YMO)
February 2002 Kishimoto being injured middle finger of left hand,and canceling March GIG for the first time.
March 2002 Kishimoto being operated on middle finger of left hand.
April 2002 Kishimoto coming back well.
July 2002 Guesting on "KORITSU NO YU-SHU NO NAKADE"(presented by SAJO NO RO-KAKU)<Kishimoto>
August 2002 Releasing "Cherno Vol.5"
August 2002 Gig at KICHIJOJI SILVER ELEPHANT for the first time in five or six years.
September 2002 Engaging Kazuhiro Matsuyama and plays two pieces of music in this gig.
October 2002 Gig at KICHIJOJI SILVER ELEPHANT again.
February 2003 Gig at KOUENJI GEAR(for the first time),on "Bo-ryoku Ongen So-sha"(present by "BAD-HOLE CO-SUCK"j
April 2003 Hosting the gig of "Level Five DEATH" at KICHIJOJI SILVER ELEPHANT.
May 2003 Gig with KYOUSHIROU and GAZZY,a one]time member of "BAD-HOLE CO-SUCK" and plays all time in this gig.
June 2003 Releasing three works from POSEIDON Records.
June 2003 Anniversary gig for releasing being prosperous!
August 2003 Review for this three works appearing in "CD JOURNAL"
December 2003 Gig at Shinjuku D.O.M(for the first time)
December 2003 Engaging KITA Yoichiro(a member of "shibusashirazu"and so on) and plays all time in this gig.
February 2004 Gig on "Niku-Beat 3"(present by "OUSAMA&GEBOKU")
March 2004 Gig with "KGB"(KYOUSHIROU and GAZZY) again
April 2004 Participation in "ROKUDENASHI BOJOU VOL.2"(present by "NAKANO ROKUDENASHI RENGOU"),Engaging MIZOGUCHI Tomoko
May 2004 Hosting the gig of "Level Five DEATH Vol.2`What on earth is irregular meters?`" at KICHIJOJI SILVER ELEPHANT again
July 2004 Broken up "NAKANO ROKUDENASHI RENGOU"(Kishimoto's another unit) properly
August 2004 Gig at Live&Club BINSPARK(for the first time),on "Mazeruna Kikaku Kenketsu Kinenbi"(present by "Mazeruna-Kiken")
September 2004 Start recording for New Album
September 2004 Gig at Shinjuku URGA(for the first time)
October 2004 Engaging SHIRO ONUMA(Drum:a one]time member of"Fedayien","shibusashirazu"and so on),Hiroto Uekusa(Bass:a member of "ZANZO") and plays all time in this gig
November 2004 Gig at Live&Club BINSPARK(for the first time),on "LABSICK-LAB 020 -return match-"(present by "SKYFISHER")
January 2005 Gig at Shinjuku URGA,on "69 Not !"(present by AgentMurder)
July 2005 Gig at Namba BEARS(the first gig in Osaka)
September 2005 Recording with SHIRO ONUMA,for the session piece in the new album
October 2005 Gig at Live&Club Space Daytrip(the first gig in Nagoya),on "MANI NEUMEIER Japan tour"
November 2005 Hosting the gig of "Level Five DEATH Vol.3`Neue c Welle?`"at KOUENJI 20000Volt
December 2005 Engaging SHIRO ONUMA,and releasing "Gestalt Session"(Complite CD of the session for the new album)
January 2006 Releasing and sellng "complicity vision"(the NEW ALBUM!)
January 2006 Engaging Uemura, Masahiro(a member of "MUMU","RUK" and so on) and plays all time in this gig
February 2006 Anniversary gig at at KOUENJI 20000Volt,for releasing new album "complicity vision"
March 2006 Gig at EARTHDOM(for the first time)
June 2006 Gig at Namba BEARS(the second gig in Osaka)
July 2006 Gig on "POSEIDON ALBA 06-4"at AKIBA HALL DRESS(for the first time)
October 2006 Gig at LIVE & PUB MOON STEP(for the first time)
November 2006 Aniversary gig"Future Alien 8`Special-na-Yoru`v"for the first time live of Richard Pinhas Band(Gig at IKEBUKURO LIVE IN ROSA,for the first time)
November 2006 Start recording for New Album
April 2007 Complete recording for New Album
May 2007 Complete mix down for New Album
June 2007 Hosting the gig of "Level Five DEATH Vol.4"at Shinjuku URGA
November 2007 Releasing and sellng "Both Sides of the Tightrope"(the 7th ALBUM!)
December 2007 Anniversary gig at at Shinjuku URGA ,for releasing new album "Both Sides of the Tightrope"
July 2008 Gig on "POSEIDON Coolbeat",at Kouenji Club@Mission's for the first time
August 2008 Gig at koenji-high(for the first time)
September 2008 Gig on "ITSU WO MOTTE ROU WO MATSU NO KEI",at KAGURAZAKA EXPLOSION for the first time
October 2008 Gig on "INTENSITYSPEEDhpresents by "Miyashita,Tabata and Fujikake(vol.4)"
December 2008 Solo live at Shinjuku URGA<Kishimoto>,After an interval of about ten years
June 2009 Secret Party at KOUENJI 20000volt
September 2009 live in Koenji Mission 's Cherno is dissolved

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