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■Permanent installation
 Open to Public:
 Takamatsu-city Marugamemachi shopping mall
  (Wall Pieces/Lady's room counter tops/Tables)
 Takamatsu-city Symbol Tower
 Takamatsu ANA Hotel
 (Wall Pieces)
 Yokasuka-city Recycle Plaza 'Aicle'
 Museum shop@Hara Museum
■Museum of Glass
 Visiting Artist Program
 Aug. 6th-10th,2008
 Lecture: 8/10/2008 (Sun)
 more info:
 (Tacoma, WA U.S.A.)
■Pilchuck Glass School
    I will be teaching at 5th Session
    Course title: Hot Junk!
    more info:
    (Stanwood,WA U.S.A)