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Navigate Russian WWW with Macintosh

Revised on 16, June, 2002

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This site is designed to provide Japanese users of Macintosh with information on font and browser settings to enjoy Russian WWW pages. For convenience's sake, brief lists of sites related to Russia and Russian sites are provided. Due to their nature, the rest of the pages are in Japanese unless otherwise specified.

Links to Japanese Language related sites (English)

Japanese Realia with photo(Festival, temple, etc.)

Nagao Minoru Russian Fantasy (English)

What do you need to navigate Russian WWW pages?

Brief explanation on fonts and browser setting to navigate Russian WWW pages with Macintosh
Page to test Russian KOI-8R, Mac, Win font code setting

Followings are in Windows code Cyrillic

Dialog on a film "Otokowa turaiyo"

Explanation on Japanese proverbs

Barefoot Gen (Hadashi no Gen)

Software for Macintosh, Sites related to Russia

Other items of interest

For those who have kindly read my translations

Addendum and errata for books published by Softbank.

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