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Displaying Japanese under any language version of Windows XP

 Non-Japanese versions of Windows XP include Japanese fonts and a Japanese IME (The software required for Japanese input).

1) The simplest way:
In "Start" open Help and Support, type for example "Japanese". In the results, click on "Install East Asian language files" and follow the very simple procedure (Regional Language Options/Install files for East Asian Languages). Depending on your PC, you will or won't be asked for the Windows XP installation CD-rom.

2) Alternately, you can click on Start, then Control panels. In Pick a category, click on the Date, Time, Language and Regional Options icon.
At the bottom of the new window, in Pick a Control Panel Icon, click on Regional Options.

Please note that this operation installs all Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages files. They are 270 MB in total. Apparently you cannot choose to install the Japanese language files only.

 If you do not have the installation CD-rom, and if you just want to display Japanese characters in your browser and especially in the applet on this site, you can connect to any Japanese web site with Internet Explorer. You can try for example the Japanese pages of Institut Franco-Japonais de Tokyo. Your browser should pop up a dialog box inviting you to download a free Japanese font (MS Gothic) from the Microsoft site. This font weighs 2.7 MB, compared to the 270 MB for the East Asian Languages files.


 Due to a struggle with Sun Microsystems concerning the control over the Java language, Microsoft has not included its Java machine in its first release of Windows XP (in 2001).
Fortunately most computer makers do install a Java Machine.
If it has not been installed on your computer yet (if you have upgraded from a previous version of Windows for example) , Microsoft Internet Explorer should automatically open a dialog box inviting you to install it whenever you open a web page containing Java code.
However, Microsoft will no longer be authorized to support, and will probably stop distributing, its own Java Machine after September 30, 2004. When this is the case, you will have to install the Sun Microsystems Java machine (see below).

downloading Java

If you have a slow connection, before starting the download (4.5 MB), you might check if it is included on your Windows installation CD-Rom (It is called: "Microsoft Java Virtual Machine for Windows XP"). Otherwise, it is better to download the most recent version.

 You can also download the Java Runtime Environment and plug-in from Sun Microsystems, the creators of the Java programming language .
If you have more than one Java machine installed, Internet Explorer gives you the choice (Internet Options, Advanced), either Microsoft VM or Sun Java VM.
It is recommended to upgrade your system before installing Java.


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