Exercice 8 (N1): Syntaxe

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Just drag and drop the words on the line to answer the question.

You must use a Java enabled browser to view this page. Java est probablement désactivé. Dans les préférences de votre navigateur, cochez la case "Java".

If the Java applet does not display, please read the following page: Java Settings
Si l'applet ne s'affiche pas, veuillez consulter la page suivante: Configuration du module Java

[Web archive. This is the 1997 version of these online tests]

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Answer the question.
Drag and drop the words into the correct order to form a sentence.
You can easily switch words by dropping them any place you like on the line. There are only 5 sentences in this exercise.

[This is the 1997 version of these online tests.
At that time, many people were not familiar with interactive web pages and Java applet
and we deemed necessary to explain what seems obvious today.]