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Stereophonette Line-up
From left, Model 333, 753, 172, 171, 171 Gold, 178 Red, 178 Grey, 178 Black

Stéréophonette is the world-first stereophonic stethoscope.

Stéréophonette is a totally two-chanelized stethoscope, giving you stereophonic auscultatory sounds (please see its cross-section diagram).

Since introduced in 1991, it has been acclaimed by many physicians in many countries.

No electronic amplification.

Stereophonic sounds tremendously augment auscultatory information.

Useful for both cardiac and pulmonary auscultation.

Particularly sensitive to soft systolic and diastolic murmurs.

With the Stéréophonette you will never fail to hear these delicate murmurs (Carabello BA. Aortic sclerosis-A window to the coronary arteries? NEJM 1999;341:193-4).

Same ease on use as the conventional stethoscopes.

Recomended for every physician, resdident and student.

Patented in US, Germany and Japan.

Manufactured in Japan.

Since 1991 a total of 23,494 units have been delivered (as of April, 2015)

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