sml_tk patches

Last update 2010/04/19

This patch is to allow to compile sml_tk on SML/NJ with the latest SML Basis Library(v110.72).

Note that this patch assumes that another patch released by Timothy Bourke is already applied.

Applying patches

  1. Install the latest version of SML/NJ (v110.72).
  2. Download and untar the sml_tk sources
  3. Download and untar the patches (by Timothy Bourke)
  4. patch -p0 < sml_tk-patches/sml_tk-3.0.20080113.patch
  5. Optional: patch -p0 < sml_tk-patches/config-showColor.patch
  6. Optional: patch -p0 < sml_tk-patches/litem.patch
  7. Optional: patch -p0 < sml_tk-patches/widget_tree.sml-scrollbar.patch
  8. Download and untar this patch
  9. patch -p0 < sml_tk-patches-20100419/sml_tk-3.0.20100419.patch
  10. Change into the sml_tk directory.
  11. Edit the Makefile setting values for:
  12. Run make
  13. Run the newly created heap, e.g. cd src; ./sml-tk
  14. Try one of the examples: BigEx.go (); (which should start a small demo in a new window).