About the manners of the mail.

Final update Jan/10/2006

Be careful!.

Only Japanese and English can be received by this mail address.

Only the font of Japanese and English copes with it , too.

Other languages and a font can't be read.

Don't send SPAM mail and sale mail.

English mail is made into Japanese by machine translation.

A reply in English also becomes machine translation.

Although it may be an unclear sentence, please forgive.


SPAM mail and the mail of the virus are received well.

It is troubled by the increase in the bad mail of the manners.

The rule of the mail toward me was decided.

The person who agreed on the following contents can send mail.

As for the contents of the mail, only the thing which influences it

about the air show does an answer.

As for some of the trouble mail, it registers for the receiving denial

service in mail account .

Mail can't be received when mail account of your mail address is an object.

Forgive it.


1. Don't send SPAM mail.

(Register for the receiving denial service.)

2. Don't send a virus.

(Do a virus check.).

3. Don't send an attached file, and image file.

(Only TEXT can see it.).

4. Give me the mail of the answer toward the answer.

(If you received an answer, it is for the confirmation.).

5. It can't cope with the mail which hastens an answer.

(I am not always watching mail.).

6. It doesn't reply it except for the mail about the air show.

(It knows a reason if the contents of web are seen.)

Click on this with the one that it has contents of the above approved.

Please change the space in front of "" of the mail address to the @ mark.กก