About CellAutomaton

I have collected my cell automaton programs which I have ever made in this program.
I have nearly no document or book concerning cellular automata. Only one is Toffoli's "Cellular Automata Machines". It was a good guide to Cell Automaton. The conditions of Cell Automaton exist infinitly. I deal with only few case of it in this program.
In some complex case , I added experiment menu to gather interesting data. I have gathered my datas by this method.
I have founded following types so far
This is (0,1)State cell automaton. There are 4,5,8,9Sum. 4Sum means summation of (up,left,right,bottom). Add itself in 5Sum. 8Sum is 4Sum plus(leftup,rightup,leftbottom,rightbottom). Add itself in 9Sum. In this program every case is 8Sum except this 1Phase. "U" means" no change. "0" means dead. "1" means alive. For example 8Sum{0,0,U,1,0,0,0,0,0} is "Life".
About XOR Option
This option means that "Complement "of the previous state and the state of its cell is the new state of its cell. See data "1Phase : Amoeba". This Option exist also in 2PhaseComposit and 3PhaseComposit.
0,A,B State Cell Automaton. 0 is dead. A,B replace each other. A is blue. B is yellow.
0,A,B,C State Cell Automaton. 0 is dead. A is blue. B is yellow. C is red. I have collected data most in this condition.
0,A,B,C,D State Cell Automaton. Not so much different from 3Phase.
1Phase Arrange
0,1 State and take into acount location of around cells.
2Phase Arrange
0,A,B State of Arrange.
3Phase Arrane
0,A,B,C State of Arrange. This is too complicated to me, so i did not examined much.
1Phase Markov
This take into acount the cell's past phase . I named it Markov(from Markov chain).
2Phase Markov
2Phase of it.
3Phase Markov
3Phase of it.
2Phase Composit
In this condition , A and B phase react independently. So there 4 phase{ (0,0,),(0,1),(1,0),(1,1) }. They are black,blue,yellow,red respectively.
3Phase Composit
A,B,C react independently. There are 8 phase. (0,0,0),(0,0,1),(0,1,0),(1,0,0),(0,1,1),(1,0,1),(1,1,0),(1,1,1). (0,0,0) is black. (1,1,1) is white. Others are other color.
1Phase Hex
In this condition cell is not square but hexagon. So this is 6Sum. This hexagon cell is frequently used in gas simulation.
2Phase Hex
2 Phase of hex.
3 Phase Hex
3 Phase of Hex. These are not so interesting.

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