Total vertex is 326, very near to that of 2D GO(361).
Each vertex is surrounded by 4 other vertexes, some are 3 or 2.
This is same with 2D GO.
"KO" is possible, I dont know about "Sicho", I have not played this yet.

How to play
Red ball is for white stone , and Blue ball is for black stone.
Small orange ball is the vertex point to put stone.
Blue is the first to play.

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Open and Save data
You can open and save data.

Snapshot from inner side

View from front.

View from left side.

Atari state.

Red took blue stone.

Ko state.(Blue took)

Ko state.(Red took)

Octahedron structure version(84)

Total vertex is 84, very small.
This is for beginner.

View from front.

View from top.

Octahedron structure version(165)

Total vertex is 165, middle size

View from front.

Octahedron structure version(286)

Total vertex is 286.

View from front.

Graphite structure version(48)

Total vertex is 48.

Dodecahedron structure version(40)

Total vertex is 40.

Soccer Ball structure version

Total vertex is 120.

Henry Segerman's Diamond GO