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The age in the television of the Yamada family seen with the family   1999/07/19.

The age in the telephone of the Yamada family seen with the family   1999/07/19.

The age in the table of the Yamada family seen with the family   1999/07/29.

The age in the television of the Yamada family seen with the family.

  There is a scene over which the Takashi and the Mashuko fight over the channel right of the television. It tries to change the channel by ability by the Mashuko's that wants to see the drama that starts by another channel at the regular time using remote control for the Takashi that wants to see the extended baseball relay to the last minute. The Takashi interrupts and defends the light part of the couch commander receiving with newspaper in rivalry with it.

  Though the offense and defense was drawn making it do the Shige and say, "It is more interesting than the television" comically, fighting is scenery also that tending is the home where over the channel right.

  No, you might say that there was such scenery in the past now. Because the possibility that such scenery is reproduced at home of the reality has decreased sharply in old times of taking.

  The maximum reason begins to have looking in needless to say two or more of television ownerships. Two a family is exceeded, and the diffusion of the television decreases the home that only one is in the family and is long. (1)The household that there were televisions of one a person named one in 1 and child's room in 1 and the bedroom became not unusual in the living room, too. A program favorite ..each.. is seen in ..child.. child's room in ..mother.. bedroom in ..father.. living room. Thus, the channel right duel disappeared from the home.

  When television had gotten into a domestic life before, television was "Furniture"A Japanese doll that had entered the glass case was put on the television exaggeratedly enshrining it to the position where the living room was the best. The decoration of the tree was given as for the television, and even elegance like a kind of furnishing goods showed it. It sat around a table and the family entered when they became the time of the interesting program.

  There was a program for children for a long time, too. However, the authority to permit it to be seen was being grasped by parents' hands. The power supply of "Do not watch television until homework ended" even was not turned on in a single phrase with the television program that parents saw though it did not come in succession. At that time, the program misjudged once was not able to be seen again because there was not a VCR either. The child who wanted to see the program digested the attack attack homework by all means. The authority of the use permission of the television reflected the age when dignity had still remained in parents.

  The television was denounced , saying that "It was a ringleader who deprived of the time of family's togetherness" in the old times. It is because the time about which it talks in the family is lost so that everyone may gaze to the screen. It might certainly have had such a side. However, it carried out the function of obtaining the chance to gather in the living room so that the family might watch television. Even if complicated stories gathered even if it did not do, it might be, and one and 2 of the conversations were able to spin a time, spatial common experience of the family's combining in above all and seeing the same program.

  However, two or more televisions' entering the family will expel the valuable common experience from the family. If the televisions of the number that had to be driven were put on the Yamada family, father was sure see the baseball relay in the living room and mother see the drama in the bedroom. Children will also tie video games watching television in his room. It appears in the same play as the family gathers while it is under the roof of one the ..Yamada family.. same and the chance named togetherness will decrease sharply.

  In that sense, the channel right duel was not useless at all for family's communications. The adjustment of the channel right is a kind of bargaining. To secure the program to want to see me by all means, the house was helped, and the child put in order, and surrendered the time zone of the program that you may not see even if it saw early the surrender of homework. Moreover, there was respect where the television watching was naturally aimlessly evaded by doing so, too. Still, regardless of the effort of the child because it is the one hope of the father having been given priority in many cases, children came to reconfirm father's dignity here. And, because which program who wants to see when above all one television is shared in the family is clarified, the effect of understanding each other held what interest and the concern was demonstrated.

  Well, all the situations will have changed when the channel right duel disappears by two or more of television ownerships. The program to want to see me came to be able to see very much because there was no fight over the channel. "Attention" only of aimlessly seeing even the program that doesn't want to see so much, and turning the television on has increased, too. And, at what program who was looking was not understood, and it became indifferent even an interest each other and the concern. Even the situation of mutually noticing the same program neither turning on of father, mother, and the child each television in each room even if the program as which the concern agrees and is the same by chance is seen nor seen that cannot be laughed is not the unreal one and has become it.

  After all, sharing the television drawn by the"My Neighbors The Yamadas"" and the bargaining of the channel duel are the nostalgias in nostalgic memories in the age of the Showa era and an old, good age if it says. The age need not turn back any longer because an extra television that got into a domestic life too much is not thrown away even if it is thought that the family togetherness that encloses the television is one of the ideals.

(1)The television owns 2.24 on the average a family according to Economic Planning Agency 'Consumption trend investigation' in 1997. In a word, it becomes a calculation that 90 million televisions or more are operating at home of 44 million families in the whole country. By the way, it is 2.59(Hokuriku and the Koshinetsu region) the height in Japan, and the fewest one is 1.82(Kyushu and the Okinawa area).

The age in the telephone of the Yamada family seen with the family.

  There is a scene that has a telephone call in the Noboru. Because it is the one that the Nonoko loudly says, "Telephone from the elder brother and the woman", mother and the grandmother react with Picri, and it listens attentively by the telephone. Tsccomi of "The way woman attached by that face" makes it laugh again.

  This scenery is pleasing scenery in the home where the child who faced adolescence anywhere once and twice that will be.

  No, you might say that there was such scenery in the past now. Because the possibility that such scenery is reproduced at home of the reality has decreased sharply in old times of taking.

  The maximum reason begins to have looking in needless to say two or more of telephone ownerships. Only it was reverent from Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation and the borrowed telephone was of course 1. The telephone has been decided one in most homes though there was an extension telephone, too. The wave of the communication liberalization extends worldwide, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation is privatized, and a colorful extension telephone has entered the home in the latter half of the 1980's when dress was changed for the season to NTT in the 1980's. The 1990 year becomes one large boom of the cordless phone. Only it came for one telephone to be put on each room because the number of cordless handsets was able to be increased to one main phone of how many. After 1995, a spread explosive the cellular phone and PHS is seen. Thus, not only the home but also our environment has become only a telephone.

  The telephone was a machine that played the role to mediate the inside at the outside world and home. Therefore, there were a lot of examples of entering in the door and putting on immediacy as for it when the telephone had entered the home. Consideration that it was the same as there was a visitor in the house that it had a telephone call in the house people at that time was strong. Therefore, the telephone shortly entered inside and the outside at home of passage that was able to be looked about from the door and was put on the mixing space soon about the door. At least, it was not necessary to be put on the center of the living room.

  The side in which it called it also knew oneself was "Visitor". It was used instead of visiting the home and speaking to the condition of finishing by telephone because there was no time for a moment though I wanted to visit directly in reality. The visitor suddenly goes up to the living room in togetherness and is not crowded. When calling it therefore, it is called what in the address to the reserve, "Hello", and the living room like greeting it outside the front door as for the family who is someone.

  The person's mind has been being shared with a previous other party of the telephone while it is speaking by telephone. It is time not mentally shared even if there is sideways a family, and the family is shared with the space. Therefore, taking for a long time on the phone was disliked. The sense of incompatibility that the family was not a family and became it for a long time made it do so though there was a side of problem of a mere call charge, too.

  Well, the telephone of the Yamada family entered the door, too and it was put it on immediacy. It is extremely standard location when the telephone has entered the home for the first time. The position of the telephone of the Yamada family will not been changing since those days. And, it keeps not making making to the extension telephone cordless, either the cellular phone being not bought in the much more, the only telephone being enshrined there in the family, and the Yamada family is defending the custom from former importantly.

  There was a scene that had had a telephone call in the house after lost the Nonoko. It thanks sincerely to the person of an indebted other party when the Mashuko answers the telephone, and the safety of the Nonoko is told. The Mashuko not only thanks with the mouth but even also bows toward the telephone. The appearance of the family who watches it back is also interesting. It was done to the visitor who had actually visited the Yamada family and did not change bowing and in any way. Still, the telephone is visitor's deputy.

  There are neither an extension telephone nor a cordless phone to say nothing of the cellular phone in the Yamada family. Because the incoming call cannot also draw in the telephone to my room, it is necessary to speak to my appropriating on the passage in front of the door. Therefore, mother and the grandmother came near to sides that the Noboru spoke and it listened.

  Because the telephone is shared in the entire family when it calls the family only by one apart from it, there is respect where the personal privacy is not so secured. It is because of the clarification of from whom to whose appropriating had a telephone call at least the import of the story leaves without asking.

  However, if it is a family, it might have been able to know the extent. Though it might be a trouble for the child, the import of the story is not separately heard in detail, and I think that you may be surprised at the telephone from the man who hangs to the telephone and the daughter from the woman who hangs to the son for parents, be pleased, worry or understand the level. Association with opposite sex might be safe for the first time in case of the level opening moreover. childrenUnity who seems to be the family can be kept without saying the telephone without privacy well if it says badly and making the secret.

  At any rate, whenever one telephone is shared in the family, the telephone that hangs to the family will relay one telephone. In a word, it carries out the function to consolidate information in one place.

  By the way, when the extension telephone and the cordless phone spread, the consolidating function of this information is distributed. Other families' knowing it becomes difficult if the family draws in the telephone to each private room and it comes to speak. Still, it is not understood when becoming the cellular phone and PHS by which the telephone number becomes completely distinct though it is understood to seem to call at least in case of the extension telephone still and the cordless phone.

  When the telephone spoken via the family someone comes to be called by a specific individual, the knowledge "Visitor" of the person who calls it is never never needed. Anyway, it doesn't take care with other families. (It was put on the space where the inside at the door ahead = home mixes with the outside. )It is possible to enter a private space by not refraining from the one when putting it on the telephone, and naming the individual suddenly.

  No do be known of express, that is, enter suitable. Oppositely, you might say that the party called will go out to the world from the home to the outside. Feelings are not in the home any longer though only the body might be in the private room at home. It is a family who exists physically under the roof of same one, and if of each comes to call in each private room, everyone starts going outside mentally and it becomes asunder, too. It is likely to fall into the situation that even a minimum intelligence sharing as the family becomes doubtful when it becomes daily.

  The child who has the cellular phone and PHS is contacting the outside by using the cellular phone in his/her own room even if coming home to say nothing of the destination. The family doesn't have with whom where the child is associating. Saying as the extension of the destination rather than it is in home is suitable for the appearance that chats with the friend in a friendly fashion. At least, it might be the same as going out mentally. A previous other party of the telephone is very mentally nearer than that of the cohabiting family.

  In speaking for a long time by the telephone put on the common space such as the door ahead and the passages, the restriction attached variously and it was one. However, taking for a long time on the phone spoken from a private room is equal to there are no restrictions other than an economical rate = side. It doesn't seem that the situation of spending on not high school girl's who comes home and shut herself up in one's own room seeing even family's face, and the chat and sending P mail by telephone with the friend immediately before sleep is abnormal.

  That is, it can be said that two or more of telephone ownerships tears up a mental space if two or more of television ownerships tore up a physical space of family get-together. The family in present age Japan is being made asunder by these machines. There is a connection of blood and an asunder family as you may almost say it is the same as others both household economies excluding doing and respect of cohabiting is not few at all.

  Sense of values is different, and because it is eternal that sense of values is different, even the married couple is difficult for the parent and child taking communications originally. Still, if one could do nothing but call as of old, ongoing event and companion relation almost were able to be heard of mutually, various topics arose there, and it became the material of togetherness. Taking for a long time on the phone of the remainder was naturally limited. However, because of each exchanges information directly with an outside acquaintance, two or more of telephone ownerships are not just interrupted the flow of information, and are lost also of the brake of taking for a long time on the phone. Even the state that whether even mental common feeling is a family at home because it goes outsidewho is sharing the space why is not understood is invented. Moreover, it is not, and the number of such families is never increasing surely because it is special.

  After all, sharing the telephone drawn by the"My Neighbors The Yamadas"" is nostalgia in nostalgic memories in the age of the Showa era and an old, good age as well as sharing the television. The age need not turn back any longer because the telephone that came to be owned separately privately even if enthusiastic that have family's communications improved is not thrown away.

The age in the table of the Yamada family seen with the family.

  There is a scene where the family of the Yamada family eats all together. The Takashi : to the Noboru that does the hesitation chopsticks. Do not do the hesitation chopsticks. It quickly takes it when deciding this. I will admonish, and practice it voluntarily solving. It is thrust, and however, it is said, "Return and do eating piercing" from the Mashuko this time, and, in addition, Bats worsens from the Shige , saying that "The Tacan and my burn" though Bats badly returns.

  This scene is especially deep the impression even if the whole volume is passed and episode used also for television CM of the movie advertisement with viewpoints. And, it is a very excellent scene where the age is thoroughly expressed at the same time as the family of the"My Neighbors The Yamadas"".

  Here, an age way of being will be considered from the scene of the table as the family in the Yamada family.

  A Japanese table has been greatly changed from the Meiji era to the Heisei era. There were a lot of tables of the Meiji era and the Taishou era period with each table from which rice and the side dish had been spread by each one. Each table is Are when meal of one is carried in the inn etc.A so-called Low dining table spreads, each one divides for the table, and the glory period of the Low dining table comes from the beginning of the Showa era to high economic growth. And, the number of table & chairs increases since the high economic growth period. (1)

  It is said that the table at home changes greatly when a big turning point is faced in the history of each home. For instance, when the house is built and rebuilt, the moved time and marriage and child's birth, father-in-law, and mothers-in-law's deaths etc. often become chances. The table form doesn't change easily if there is no big turning point when saying oppositely. Each table was found useful, and the Low dining table is being used splendidly long in the active service in the merchant etc. where the employee's going in and out is intense now. However, the big flow that each one shifts to table Low dining table table is admitted to be historically. The table form reflects the historical background to some degree, and provides for how in the place of the meal to behave and the position in the family.

  Each one closely related the table to master's authority. Masters sat most on precedence in tables. And, a side dish good as seemed natural was applied by the master. Each table was more convenient so that only the master might treat special. Precedence and a good side dish symbolized master's authority in the home. No one must start eating until father touched it. The dinner conversation was the one that was often assumed strict prohibition, and always performed by the master even if the topic might be offered. The conversation was substantially a preach by the master, and the table was a place that the master ruled. It was eternal to eat the child without talking, "It is running away Soc bur winning when eating" in a hurry.

  The table by the Low dining table becomes a main current from the beginning of the Showa era to high economic growth. It was called "Democratization of the home" to enclose one Low dining table with the family and to do togetherness. It agreed with "Person" dismantlement of the system and the master's disappearance. The master changes the name with father, increases the dinner conversation, and becomes variegated the event and the school etc. of the small talk and a day as for the topic. However, because father's (master) authority still remained after it considers it though "Person" as the system disappeared, father held the preach concurrently and the topic was offered. Therefore, the function as the place of child's discipline remained on the table, too. In the table drawn by "Sazae-san", Hahira in the atmosphere of friendliness demonstrates constant influence power. I feel the feature that seeming is this age most.

  The home where meal is taken with the table increases since an advanced, economic period. The spread of the table has advanced in housing conditions such as restricted apartments of a housing complex such as dining rooms and living rooms. The television is put on the living room, and the number of families who eat while watching television increases. Information to which the topic exchanged with the table is inevitably thrown on the television like news and public entertainments, etc. has increased. The chance that the remaining scent of father's authority also disappeared recently, and father made remarks at the same time decreased, and the function as the place for discipline was made a weakness.

  Well, the Yamada family that had gone out to the"My Neighbors The Yamadas"" was a detached house, and the table was a Low dining table. However, even if the Low dining table is used, the table generation extremely as for family's realities. Father's authority exists from the table and neither Cage nor shape exist if it says in a single phrase. None of hesitation chopsticks with great pains follow the discipline the Takashi though try. Moreover, it puts it in Tsccomi "It is my side dish" and "Eating piercing is returned and ..doing.. do not exist" it. Therefore, ..the snicker.. ..the Hame.. is... the Noboru completely lose the appearance the TakashiThough the person who sees because this scene produces and is processed indeed well is heartwarmingly made, it was an indeed poor scene for father if it thought. The disappearance of father's authority makes the table scenery of "Sazae-san" and the"My Neighbors The Yamadas"" the most different one. It was a scene onto which the difference in the age of both was symbolically projected.

  Therefore, the episode of this hesitation chopsticks seems a scene to which seeming the"My Neighbors The Yamadas"" is condensed most. It is because the age has been splendidly condensed with the family of the Yamada family like equaling to the full-length motion picture only here. It is the one to understand the excellence of the selection eyes of the person in charge who adopts this episode for television CM of the movie advertisement. (There is a counterproductivity of understanding the full-length motion picture, too, if this CM is seen when saying oppositely. Therefore, though it might be sarcastic if the spectator mobilization has not expanded. )

  Well, eyes are changed to a modern table. Recently, the tendency that family's life time zone becomes asunder has accelerated. Therefore, "Eats alone" that the number of meals in the entire family together decreases, and each one eats separately has increased. As for it, the conversation is lost again since the time of the meal, and the bustle of the table is disappearing incidentally at the same time, too. The other day though it is a project of a certain television program, and there was a challenge "When all families can dine at the same time, it is one million yen", the chance has decreased when dining by the approval of it as the project in the entire family at the present age. This project might be said that it was especially popular among the viewer, and having been projected onto deliberateness togetherness scenery including time that not only challenged, that is, gathered at only 7 PM but also , conversation of the meal and was after the meal be a popular reason. (However, father in this family seems to be still a present age in the point that there is no particular dignity. )

  After all, the Low dining table and the family get-together drawn by the"My Neighbors The Yamadas"" are the nostalgias in nostalgic memories in the age of the Showa era and an old, good age. You will think only there is not showing the authority as father to hope, and can the possession of the chance that the family eats all together to be Mashi.

(1)From the Asahi Shimbun evening newspaper article on January 22, 1993

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