Original Comics and "My Neighbors The Yamadas""

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Excuse: These English sentences are temporary translations, not read easily still very much. I want to revision them neatly some day. Thanks.

In the Studio Ghibli work"My Neighbors The Yamadas"", the four-frame comic strip"My Neighbors The Yamadas"" of the Asahi Shimbun serial (by Mr. Hisaishi Ishii) is an original. There is no change in a basic setting though a present title has changed into "".
Here, the relation between the cartoon and the"My Neighbors The Yamadas"" of the original was picked up.

The character that is reminiscent of the Toshio Suzuki Studio Ghibli producer appears in the cartoon Sunday, July 4, 1999. The name:Zbari "Mr./Ms. Suzuki. "It is a setting of's classmate's Mr. Suzuki's uncle. (From photograph = Toshio Suzuki producer   Asahi Shimbun. )

Though the greengrocer is left, it refurnishes in the convenience store shop, and a store is opened though the point that greengrocer's sticking to remains everywhere is interesting, it is obviously made to make to Niyari by the character of the uncle who has producer Suzuki's face.

It has been paid attention that the poster that advertises an advance ticket of "Horhokekyo My Neighbors the Yamadas" is pasted in the wall in the second scene and the cash register interior.

The character of the Toshio Suzuki Studio Ghibli producer style appears in the cartoon Monday, July 5, 1999. Mr./Ms. Suzuki who is called a manager is an uncle of Mr. Suzuki who is's classmate.

Though it is reported to the manager that a man of the convenience store burglar style was seen while being bewildered the part-time job of the student style though the doubtful person is ..manager.. Oti that it was person ..along.. It is still made to make to Niyari instinctively by the expression of the manager who obviously has producer Suzuki's face.

Genuine Suzuki Producer is. ) ..whether become such atmosphere when disguising it like the third scene.. ..(.. ..laugh..

By the way, the poster of the second scene "Horhokekyo My Neighbors the Yamadas" is pasted.

The episode that coils round the title of "Horhokekyo My Neighbors the Yamadas" is concealed in the cartoon Thursday, December 11, 1997.

It is said that there is "Law of the character of ..digging.." "" in Mr. Takahata's supervisor work, and there is all characters of" in a current work , saying that "Large adventure of prince Hols of the sun", "Grave of the Fireflies", and "Asian racoon battle of the Heisei era" ..".. ..digging... Then.."My Neighbors The Yamadas""..manage..dig.."..character..put..Miyazaki.."..do..propose. Mr. Takahata made it to "Horhokekyo My Neighbors the Yamadas" applying "Horhokekyo" to the head.

Though the change in the title was decided thus, it is necessary to acknowledge it by the original writer of the"My Neighbors The Yamadas"" for Mr.. The answer was the one "Please wait until the new year (The answer :)" though producer Suzuki passed on a new title to. And, the character of Ckkiri and "Horhokekyo" danced in "" of the Asahi Shimbun morning newspaper one month later. This is, exists, and is called it was a signature of "OK" of the style. (From the Hochi Newspapers article on July 27, 1998. )

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