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Age when"My Neighbors The Yamadas" was drawn   1999/07/23

Something with the global standard   1999/06/26.

Is the"My Neighbors The Yamadas"" standard of Japan?  1999/07/01

Age when"My Neighbors The Yamadas"" was drawn

What one is the family image drawn by the"My Neighbors The Yamadas""?
  It is asked according to the explanation of the work of the press seat when the"My Neighbors The Yamadas"" is sent off to the world, "Isn't the Japanese has lived so, and good in this in the future at the time of which it is so alive now?"And, the Yamada family that seem to be anywhere is made to appear. The episode in which the charm is effective instead of it not is is piled and the story that carries out the whole has been summarized in one movie. The Yamada family is not an old family image based on a traditional patriarchy. It is not a new family image from which the married couple makes an independent relation mutually equally either. Daily life of the family not included is described in such a category, and it is called the person who sees, "Let's live more comfortably". , saying that "This is standard of Japan".

  It seems that the family image of the ideal of the Toshio Suzuki producer who paid attention to the cartoon of the original is reflected in the calling. Moreover, it seems that the family image of the ideal of supervisor Isao Takahata who finishes it up in the animation movie is reflected, too. The both men ..ideal.. assumes what family image about when by analyzing the Yamada family here. I want to think whether it was reflected in the movie.

Family form of Yamada family
  First of all, I will confirm the form as the family of the Yamada family. The Yamada family is a family from the order with high age from which it is composed of 5 people (the Shige Yamano (grandmother), the Takashi Yamada (father), the Mashuko (mother), the Noboru (eldest son), and the Nonoko (eldest daughter)). It is not related by blood, and the Shige and the Mashuko are relations of true mother and daughter in two people as understood from the family name of the Shige and the Takashi different. In a word, the Takashi takes the form that cohabits with wife's mother.

  The form of such cohabitation is called Saicata residence (uxorilocal marriage). It is a marriage form where the married couple is wife's relative group, cohabits after it marries or it lives near there. This is different from the son-in-law taken into family who has aimed to succeed and to succeed to wife's house. The Takashi and the Mashuko married couple because the Takashi doesn't succeed "Yamano" family name "Yamada" that is husband's family name to the last introduces oneself.

  You introduce yourself an own "Yamada" family name though you might become a son-in-law taken into family in the setting of the original because the Takashi is a second son. It seems that this cohabitation form continues at all one's life because the Takashi builds the residence on the site that the Shige owns and it cohabits.

Is the Yamada family a majority?Minority?
  The Yamada family is a family the third generation composed of five families. The size of household of five people is corresponding to the number of average homes at the beginning of the Showa era of the Meiji era and Taishou era of the start of the modernization of Japan just. It ..three person.. interrupted in the 1990's though a usual average size of household of the home maintained about five people in around 1955. The home of six people or more accounted for about 40% or less of the whole, and five person home also was counting 17% in 1953 when the composition ratio of the size of household was seen.

  On the other hand, only those days' two person homes did and about 9% one person home was about 5%. 10% decreases up to about 5% the number of homes of six people or more, and is increased also by five person home, and when this becomes 1994 years, interrupt and 23% and one person homes also are increasing the number of two person homes up to 20% oppositely. (1)Moreover, the nuclear family rate has increased up to 77.6% from 63.5% in 1960 in 1990, too. (2)That is, it is understood that the extended family with whom the third generation cohabits like the Yamada family is in the minority now, and tends to a decrease in addition.

  In a word, the Yamada family is a comparatively big large family in the 1990's. It can be thought that it is a cohabitation family the third generation that became in the minority (extended family) in modern days. In the"My Neighbors The Yamadas"", the Yamada family is like a minority family actually form that doesn't come up to 10 percent of all homes though receives the impression like the most typical family in Japan.

  In addition, though statistics that examine the ratio of husband type residence (form that cohabits with husband's parents) and Saicata residence (form that cohabits with wife's parents) in the family with whom the third generation cohabits were not especially found, the example of the former overwhelming cohabitation with wife's parents a lot in the third generation in Japanese society cohabitation like Yamada family is few. It can be said that the Yamada family is a family who is taking an extremely unusual form of taking minority further wife type residence in the cohabitation family the third generation when even free is in the minority.

  Therefore, even if Japan is standard, the family form of the Yamada family is nothing, and exceptional existence if it says only on the number. (Standard is a family image after consideration though described later. )

The family of the reality is being diversified.
  The maximum change in a Japanese family since World War II is a collapse of "Person" system. The restriction without following weakens, a large amount of manpower has been needed at the factory in the metropolitan area etc. if not staying on in same land when high economic growth starts, and a large amount of surplus population of the farm area:Flowing in the metropolitan area. It is a second son chiefly and a third son that became the center of the demographic shift from the farm village to this city. Because they did not have to live with one's parents, the nuclear family was formed as it was in the residential quarter in outskirts. Though it is recent that the apartment of a housing complex was "Young couple and children's towns" and was extolled, the leading part in the apartment of a housing complex was exactly occupied by the nuclear family by the country origin person.

  The progress of growing numbers of nuclear families has automatically decreased the size of household. The number of children up to two people decreased, and the size of household will decrease further roughly even if it marries or it starts a family. And, the diversification of the family image not bundled easily in the image of current "Family" as high economic growth ends, and the society is mature is progressing, too.
Decreasing family image Family of cohabitation the third traditional generation type
Established family image Nuclear family(Compose of a couple and a single child. )
Increasing family image Single-person household(growing popurality of late marriage of young generation, work away from home, and one living etc. of senior citizen)
Couple who doesn't marry though there is lover(single as selection)
Couple who doesn't start a family even if marrying(working in double harness and there is no child = DINKS)
Single parents family by divorce(fatherless family)
Family who has stepchild(remarriage family who has child)
Others family(Especially, others who do not have kin cohabit mutually. )

  In short, though some of the fragment of the daily episode unfolded in the Yamada family are the familiar one that it remembers the home, the diversification is advanced to the family of the reality, and considering of the element of the Yamada family the model as a traditional family image is more suitable.

The Yamada family in the work : rather than "Family of the reality". "Family after consideration"
  As for the family form of the Yamada family, it is understood to be included in a classic category in a diversified family image when seeing thus. However, because it is classic, it is considered on behalf of a traditional image as "Family".

  The family is recognized with the family who actually exists in two respects of family after consideration. It never changes quite after it considers it even if the reality changes fast. "The family more than the reality exists in consideration. "(3)Even if the diversification and a variety of family forms are taken, the family standard as the ideal "Thus, it want to be with the family" keeps actually remaining long in the consideration of people. The barrel one of the "Family after consideration" image is a large family of the third generation cohabitation. It is understood that the difference of the sense of values between generations comes to light and the war of the bride and the mother-in-law breaks out and after a real sect named also considers it, recognizes the large family of the third generation cohabitation still as one ideal form if becoming it when actually cohabiting by the third generation.

Family image = diversification of the reality is advanced.
The large family of family image = the third generation cohabitation after consideration is assumed to be an ideal.

  That is, old "Family after consideration" of large family of family = the third generation cohabitation is reflected in the background of thought of which it is standard is the Yamada family in Japan. Up to now, the work of the Studio Ghibli has made the work that always leads the age. The age is read ahead, and the work made after a long production period has led the age still. However, it might be all right even if the family image presented there is the past for the"My Neighbors The Yamadas"". In that the beginning..go out..bobsled..a little..age..say..impression..escape..separately..bobsled..old-fashioned..provide..common

  At any rate, the family image presented by the"My Neighbors The Yamadas"" remains in the consideration of not diversified "Family image of the reality" but people, and only is old "Family image after consideration", is the one to make it wake up, and exists. The Yamada family is actually thought only to declare the family fantasy after one idea type and consideration that doesn't exist rather than the one that the reality of the family who actually exists is pursued.

The Yamada family represents it. "Age"
  However, it is certain the one to have reflected the times as such even though the family after consideration. For instance, the family image in an obviously new age is reflected as for the Yamada family if it compares it with "Sazae-san" that draws family's daily life similarly. The reason for the Isono family drawn by "Sazae-san" is that the remaining influences of a traditional patriarchy as "Person" system remains dark.

  The authority of master Hahira is absolute, and the final authority of a domestic decision making is grasped. Wife's Fne is always obedient, and a sense of existence in the family is extremely thin. Children of the skipjack wakame seaweed are also obedient, and it doesn't act. Naturally, the head doesn't go up to Hahira in Maso. Is Hahira, and peace is kept family's center by everyone not acting against Hahira, opposing, and expressing the opinion. (4)The Isono family (If it sees from Maso) is to take an unusual family form at that time, that is, cohabit with wife's parents, the internal structure is the same as "Person" that the patriarchy is old. Actually though "Person" system was lost, "Person" system's after consideration having kept remaining was an age when "Sazae-san" was born.

  On the other hand, this one kind of "Old" doesn't exist for the Yamada family. Therefore, there is no something to which the authority and the name are given. The Shige is an one's own pace, and the Takashi exaggerates Maso and there is no authority though there is no grandfather who corresponds to Hahira in the Yamada family. The initiative cannot be taken even if it says to the department store in the family, and even if it proposes that it photograph it to backing of the first snow of the season in the family, it is disregarded, and it is troublesome even if the son is invited and exists to play catch ..the rejection...

  It is because of the character that it wants to become a backbone of the family only when it is sorrow of the Takashi convenient. However, thinking that the -90 age when master's authority has disappeared after it considers it = year of 1980 is reflected is more suitable for the position of the Takashi (Descend further in the -70's 1960 age of remaining Sazae-san = after master's authority considers it).

  Therefore, it has already been being left from the family image of a diversified reality though the"My Neighbors The Yamadas"". For instance, it doesn't resist valuing the home in the husband of the young generation and the positive allotment of housework and the child care. (5)It doesn't lend a hand around the house like the Takashi and obsoleting is becoming a father image lying about at home fast. The family image in the Yamada family is becoming a memory of existing it is not already the one to reflect the reality but after it considers it with the old family form. (However, though it is also true that there are still a lot of husbands who do not do housework. )

  It is likely not to recur to roles of a traditional husband and the wife who is the remaining influences of an at least old "Person" system though the family image in the future is coming not to catch easily with a simple willingly frame to diversify. It seems that the new family image composed again by roles that make a mutually equal, independent existence , for example, "Friend married couple" assumption becomes a main current.
     The 1940-1950's The 1960-70's   The 1980-90's
Family of reality Patriarchy type

High economic growth age type
=Yamada family
Mature society type
=Diversified family
Family on consideration Patriarchy type

Sei of patriarchy
Sei at era of high-speed economic growth
=Yamada family
- The family after consideration is changed after a delay of about 20 years though the family of the reality is changed fast.

Age of age assumed to be "Standard of Japan" = high economic growth period
  After all, in Japan, the family image drawn by the"My Neighbors The Yamadas"" is not a standard family at all. Greatly, and family's ideal way because the gap by the time lag exists for the reality and consideration according to the age it is different. common addition, it is only a family image considered at transitional extremely short time during time with Japan after the war after it considers it if it says.

  It is not an age of the patriarchy at prewar days where "Person" system exists. It is not the future that cannot be forecast of course and exists still. That is, -. It was an age of age that had appeared only for a little period = high economic growth period that was able to narrow in the age of an age of a master authority and an equal working in double harness couple. Economy is a right shoulder going up, and the age in Morrets that only has to work. The wife concentrates on housework, and I:Age when it was able to lie about at home. It was an age that was able to become a prop because it had remained after the authority had considered it though the authority as "Person" system = master did not shake.

  In a word, the Yamada family of the reality existed in the age when Japan from the 1960's to the 70's accomplished high economic growth and it got it. The large family of the third generation cohabitation also still remains a lot though growing numbers of nuclear families were already advanced. It was an age when such a large family had been made the family image of the ideal. And, though the society matures in the 90's from the 1980's and family's ideal way has been diversified, too, after it considers it, the family image of the ideal at the high economic growth time still remains. The"My Neighbors The Yamadas"" is a cartoon as the Yamada family after consideration.

  In the issue.."My Neighbors The Yamadas"" economic growth    It agrees to time when the songs such as "Young people" and "Moonlight mask" inserted in the play of the"My Neighbors The Yamadas"" became popular in the age. In addition, Mr. Takahata and Mr. Suzuki marry, and it comes in succession right at time that raised a family. Did the both men appear extremely only in the short span of time in the history of the family in long Japan, and find the family image of the ideal in the age of this high economic growth?  Memory that oneself has walked in great age. The age might shine too much and it be called, "Standard of Japan" as and consideration that represented Japan after the war.

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What is the global standard?

  There is "And global standard" in the password of 'My Neighbors the Yamadas'. Though the Japanese is urged for the internationalization to progress further, and to adjust to the global standard (world standard), too, it is said that it will aim to dare to turn the message "The global standard and this are Japan standard of Ghibli" to the world in 'My Neighbors the Yamadas' against the flow and to send it.

  The message "And global standard" seems to be antitheses of the anxiety of Japan's not adjusting to the global standard and either being left. Certainly, the still clear future doesn't come into view though "Open the country to the world the second" is shouted to deregulation in the financial Big Bang as for the world. The storm of restructuring blows hard just then due to the lingering recession, too. How my future becomes it is not understood, and whether I even am needed is not understood really.

  However, it is a be wavering and, then, it is no use of being driven to the frustration. It is assumed, the most necessary one in such social conditions is "Home" now. The home and the chitchat as the ham joint can be really done, feelings are thrown, and "Home" as the place as the relief and the place that can become naked is said trying watch. The doubt "The Japanese had lived so up to now, caused, and was so alive now. Hereafter, isn't it good in this?" started getting the answer by drawing the Yamada family that tended to be anywhere. Only daily life of the Yamada family is insisted on, "Standard of Japan".

  By the way, in what meaning are you used with the global standard?First of Shoten..clear..national is understood that the meaning "Over worldwide all parts of the world" is almost given. Next, there is a meaning "Standard" (standard) , saying that "Standard . the standard . standard", "Standard (target)", and "Standard, legitimate, commonsense standard . the standard". This is almost a meaning "Standard and standard". This is united and it becomes global standard = world standard.

  The etymology of global is globe that means the earth. parts of the world..profit..give parts of the world..aspect..inclusive..things..think..nuance..contain.

  Standard widely makes to Japanese, and is used in the meaning "Standard". However, if there is width in the meaning of original standard a little more, and the meaning "There is an authority standard =" is contained, it is possible to use it even in the meaning mere "Average". Standard of pronunciation of a standard reference book or the standard is the former. It has the nuance as the model as the one with the authority and the one recognized officially. On the other hand, standard when the quality of the egg is shown points at three grade under in the middle, the fruit, and the vegetable of three grades. Standard that does such how to use it is latter, and it is "Average. " of "It is average". It is a nuance of "Bamboo" of "Sho-chiku-bai" or "Plum tree" class. (A leaders English-Japanese dictionary and the leaders plus were referred. )

  Let's enumerate one concrete example of the global standard. For instance, the communication protocol of TCP/IP is adopted in the Internet. This is the one like a promised thing to decide whether to do according to what procedure when the computer communicates with the computer. Because the machine that doesn't apply to this protocol cannot be able to hook up on the Internet, it is not possible to communicate. In a word, it can be said that TCP/IP is a global standard of the communication protocol. In that sense, the global standard is made necessary and the indispensable element is understood.

  The reason for we is that being possible to do also uses a common promised thing of language communication according to communications as for the will. If the language is different, the will communication cannot be naturally done. It is necessary to remember several thousand languages to take communications with people all over the world because there are several thousand languages in the world. However, the thing actually suffices only in the place where English besides the mother tongue is remembered for the understanding of the common language that is actually. English is a global standard international communications are attempted.

  However, if the needed minimum sharing is achieved in it even if it is said the global standard, it is good in it, and the necessity for uniting all elements :. For instance, though the computer that composes the Internet has all common paragraphs of TCP/IP, other standards are not meddling asked. It is possible to be able to hook up on the Internet regardless of the kind of the computer though it might be original Artiteccha privately developed though it might be Macintosh though it might be an AT compatible machine as long as TCP/IP can be used when saying oppositely. Similarly, it is only inconvenient for the time being if international communications can speak English. Each mother tongue may be esteemed respectively.

  In short, any global standard be not to try to share and to standardize it. It is existence that clarifies that it need not even be done as the place in which should it share and it standardize it. The originality of other elements may be esteemed mutually as long as a minimum promised thing is decided. Only it might be a place where it really means the global standard.

  Well,   'My Neighbors the Yamadas' hung out "And global standard" as the password. However, the existence of the global standard will not try surely to be denied. By saying, "This is Japan standard of Ghibli", it will not be a translation where the ambition that starts making the common sense of Japan common sense in the world is held. However, it doesn't pass by the society where the Japanese in the Japanese who is losing sight of directionality based on the key word "Home" is living ..society.. now at the time of lived up to now because it starts trying to watch. By reconfirming how in Japan to live, how by the world to live is esteemed mutually, and it is also possible to find such directionality.

  Well, it is said that "Japanese group mentality" that the Japanese should very often match it to the turn is strong. For instance, the interest and service in the banking community are basically straight lines. The injection of public funds is received the straight line still if Kane is lent, rolled up to the real estate industry the straight line, and it becomes recessional at the boom. If it follows in a body, and corporate officer Sei is introduced somewhere if it restructures somewhere, it is a state that the remainder also follows it right all together. It is said that this is a result of "Japanese group mentality"'s said that it will not allow it not to fall behind from consideration that restructuring is necessary or corporate officer Sei is necessary reallythe this industry other companies in my place strongly working.

  If it was not a straight line sharing, the global standard was not a uniform making to uniformity either. Mutual originality was esteemed while confirming a necessary common feature. That is, "And global standard" parts because of "Japanese group mentality". It is possible to read it in a different way to have to put out originality respectively. Hajime arises from original esteem of each other a true global standard only while demonstrating each originality as the shared understanding arises, and the common recognition arises.

  The message "And global standard" put in 'My Neighbors the Yamadas' was not the denials of the global standard. To tell the truth, thought life at home to be important reconfirming the living in daily life led to the esteem of the global standard.

- Though it is a word to which "Global" and "Standard" are known well, word "Global standard" that united both was not recorded in any dictionary including the fifth Koujien edition 1998 year of the revision. Certainly, though it is because it is this "Global standard" word often heard, it might not be reputable words by the desire at the people.

Is the"My Neighbors The Yamadas"" standard of Japan?

  The message "This is standard of Japan" is put in 'My Neighbors the Yamadas'. Daily life of the Yamada family is drawn as a standard life style of Japan, and it assumes that Japan is standard = standard.

  Well, though in "Standard", there were two nuances "Standard with the authority" and "Mere and average", it seems that "Standard" talked about by 'My Neighbors the Yamadas' aims at the person after clarifying. Because daily life of Yamada family is too ordinary, it is not possible to become model, and usual life never to stretch oneself is 'My Neighbors the Yamadas' like "Average" to "Large height" of beef bowl, all the expressions can be said.

  The contrast vividly comes to it compared with a trendy drama that draws the world in which it stretched oneself a little. A lifestyle "Usualness" Japanese is drawn in a so-called, trendy drama. It is formed , saying that one "Standard", too. The man and woman with a good style that got married and settled down the brand one finishes enjoying rich, gorgeous Urban Life, and only it performing large love like the drama.

  To always go in state-of-the-art of the fashion, actors' fashions are begun. The one that properties that actors use also apply the initiative of the fashion is carefully chosen. The fashion of the fashion follows the world drawn with the drama a little. Cellular phone &PHS comes to overflow in the town when the extension telephone at home is made cordless all together, and it changes from the drama in about 1995 into the cellular phone when the cordless phone is multiused with the drama in about 1990.

  Of course, there is a drama made in shape taking advantage of not the one that a trendy drama always pulls the fashion and the spread but the fashion, too. However, a trendy drama at least has the element "Standard" as an advanced lifestyle with the authority. The raison d'etre can be found to a catalog element in the consumption life as a certain kind of model.

  On the other hand, the world thoroughly opposite to a trendy drama is drawn as for 'My Neighbors the Yamadas'. It aims indifferently describing the living of a Japanese "Average" of "Average". There is not a smell of the fashion if there are no brand-name goods there either. If the hero is not good-looking, the heroine doesn't have amorousness either. (To begin with, who you should even call a heroine is not understood. )The love that the Yamada married couple is sure also to have becomes the past one in old times of and is buried like the fossil in daily life. Children's love is the previous still one. The serif that frankly expresses earthy daily life "Is the side dish of today's evening meal made what?" it is tedious and without interest carries out the whole volume without being drawn by may say by you complete the element of the throbbing love. In the world of 'My Neighbors the Yamadas', only life not to stretch oneself without decorating it like "Average" to "Large height" of the beef bowl is "Standard. ", it is insisted also that it be a raison d'etre of 'My Neighbors the Yamadas'.

  That is, it can be said that that of 'My Neighbors the Yamadas' is a work that represents "Reality in daily life" and "Standard as average life" if it is assumed that it is a work by which a trendy drama aimed at "Object of the yearning" and "Standard as the model with the authority". (However, the tendency no present reality of the Yamada family usually, to draw past scenery that remained after consideration nostalgically, and to show it is found. )

  In that sense, 'My Neighbors the Yamadas' might look like 'Three Fuji Taro' serialized ahead of 'My Neighbors the Yamadas'. The hero of 'Three Fuji Taro' was an average employee in an average company. It collected, it had neither the special skill nor the feature, and an ordinary living at ordinary home was managed. There was not a point of being not able to become the object of the yearning, and pulling the fashion that wanted to aim either. And, the fashion was drawn in 'Three Fuji Taro' at the end. The fashion at the people had already completed the first stage when became popular and drawn when saying oppositely. That is, 'Three Fuji Taro' is the translations that have the function of confirming "It is ended the fashion" or "End of the fashion" if it is assumed that it is the one that a trendy drama begins "Start of the fashion".

  At least, it will be thought that 'My Neighbors the Yamadas' is also similar for the point of the fashion. For instance, when the Yamada family someone begins to use cellular phone &PHS, it is likely to become after the Internet spreads to most houses in the place where the Internet is introduced into the Yamada family after it has spread widely at the people might.

  "Life that people want to achieve in the future" is drawn as for a trendy drama when the aspect is changed, and it can be said that it is a work in 'My Neighbors the Yamadas' where "Life that people are actually leading now" is drawn. In the technical term, the former is called and the latter is called a belonging group with the reference group. You may think in this context as follows though it is rough.

      Group that has and imitates reference group = yearning. Group to which I want to belong in the future
      Group to which I belonging group = actually belong. Group from which I want to escape in the future

For instance, I am belonging at "Life without brand-name goods" and "Life without the cellular phone" levels now. It tries to approach by actually buying brand-name goods and the cellular phone if it yearns to "Life enclosed by brand-name goods" and "Life to make good use of the cellular phone" (reference group) drawn with the drama etc. at the life level of the yearning.

  If 'My Neighbors the Yamadas' is seen in such an aspect, the expectation will be quite failed to live up to. The reason for the Yamada family is that it is a belonging group of the reality where even an old-fashioned feeling to say nothing of the reference group of the yearning drifts. In standard in Japan, the life smell has been too filled.

  The message to try to review the group to which oneself belongs is put in 'My Neighbors the Yamadas' because of the age when the future is not seen by the recession and deregulation and the big-bang when bringing it together. It is the one of which it goes forward toward it if there is a target that should have the yearning and imitate it. However, it is necessary to start from trying first watch my feet if losing sight of the target. 'My Neighbors the Yamadas' recurs to "Home" that is the most basic group in the flow. Trifling ordinary pleasure in daily life might try to be drawn.

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