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What is the family image intended by the "My Neighbors The Yamadas"?  1999/07/11

What there in the problem that a modern family has by you?  2000/10/20

What is the key to "Live comfortably" straightening for the family of the 21st century?  2000/10/20

Appendix: Compared with how to draw "Family" between "My Neighbors The Yamadas" and "Card Captor Sakura".   2000/10/20.

What is "Family" intended by the "My Neighbors The Yamadas"?

  It is assumed, the "My Neighbors The Yamadas" is "Work that drew 'People' that the Japanese majority must be so before, and now be to tell the truth so" (1). It is because of being the work the family named the Yamada family that draws the people who seem to have Japan anywhere. Certainly, there are a lot of daily lives that there is a remembrance on the body somewhere and parts of many of the episode that the Yamada family weaves that come in succession also in us. The Toshio Suzuki producer talks. ¢In this cartoon, there is 'Family' that Japan started losing. A work that can be relieved is necessary. £(2)What do the modern people mean by the one that the family starts being lost?And, what of it the message put in the "My Neighbors The Yamadas" shall we be?

  It is assumed that it is producer's Mr. Toshio Suzuki that strongly recommended when the "My Neighbors The Yamadas" serialized to Asahi Shimbun is made into a film as long animation of Ghibli. It goes back that the "My Neighbors The Yamadas" went up to the project for the first time even to twilight of 1993. Only there is a short conversation among Mr. Suzuki and Mr. Takahata, and the production of the Princess Mononoke comes to study busy thoroughly before examining it at that time. One degree has been forgotten.

  First Mr. Takahata says that it thought about making classics "Hase tail copybook (of winning fame)" in not the "My Neighbors The Yamadas" as the work made after the Princess Mononoke but the Heian era into a film. This is a fantastic, mysterious story over the beautiful woman who collects corpses by the art of an art of (way) and an anti-soul and was born. However,¢Why is the Heian era drawn?Made I cannot be found. £(Mr. Takahata)It straightens, and this project is wrecked. (3)

  Then, the project of the "My Neighbors The Yamadas" where it started disappearing revives once. The inside and Mr. Suzuki with a lot of voices opposed by the reason "It is not an image of Ghibli", "It is not for long animation", and "It is not easy to draw" say that it persuaded it is long supervisor Takahata. It consents, Mr. Takahata is "Now since the drama that describes only person's inside and psychology is flooded, the meaning that does 'Mr. Yamada' that splendidly draws only person's outside and reality is certain". The project started formally.

  ¢Mr. Takahata requests two meanings before starting the work. It is 'Made meaning' and 'Meaning in the technique of developing a new image technique. '£(Mr. Suzuki)¡(4)Needless to say, the latter is full digitalization of the production process. And, the meaning that made the "My Neighbors The Yamadas" as an antithesis to so-called "Healed" was found as the former.

  It is said, "..recovering.. (unpleasantness) ..of Mr. Takahata's hated vogue word..". Mr. Takahata talks. ¢Are not you the sickness of the spirit having terribly increased now?)(though expression such as no © is vogue wordsPeople not sick 'Heal' Only pressure ¥¥¥¥¥¥ 'It is a good family and it is painful' and 'I want to perform good father ..Japan today..' overflows ..must be not derived of the word... It grows worse and it loses one's temper suddenly. £(5)In short, "Heal" is requested because of being still caught in those pressures or the pressure worries and Mr. Takahata is worrying about the current state of gnawing at the home.

  Mr. Takahata calls for it to become free from the spell of the mind like pressure etc. warded off. And, it tried to put the message "Live more easily" in the "My Neighbors The Yamadas".

  Therefore, people of the Yamada family are rimless the ambition of the name like the fantasy of the name of dream and hope, etc.Mr. Takahata talks like this. ¢There is the Yamada family by the person of slovenly habits with mother at the top and, therefore, lustful, is respect of comfortable, too. A part not good is not blamed because only the ideal is seen, and a person not good has the permitted each other wind. It is warm and likes it by me though it might be miserable. To tell the truth, I think that it has wisdom that saves the home from the collapse there. The decent person is . ..stifling in the debt... In that sense, you may ..person.. not kick the dream to the Yamada family. £(6)

  In a word, I think the following summaries when Mr. Takahata's view of the family is summarized.

    It is warm in above all to save the home from the collapse.
    An ideal alone is not seen. A part not good is not blamed.
    Air that permits a person not good mutually each other causes comfortable.
    It might be miserable, and there warmth there.
    The Japanese has lived so, and is so alive now. ()

  To achieve it setting a lofty target and great cause, people of the Yamada family make a desperate effort, and I today say that it is not a true self and am not worth yet including my search. It is .."Random".. alive like the phrase in the song that will manage to become it sooner or later. It is because it is "The Japanese majority are so before, and, to tell the truth, 'People' that must be so is drawn now" to draw the Yamada family that does such a way of life. It is because the appearance of 'Family' that Japan started losing there is found.

(1)From the "My Neighbors The Yamadas" press seat
(2) June 27, 1999   Asahi Shimbun"Person"
(3) (4) July 24, 1998   Hochi Newspapers"The meaning made now was considered. "
(5) July 25, 1998   Hochi Newspapers"The parent and child also has neither anxiety nor pressure. "
(6)   Asahi Shimbun evening newspaper on May 10, 1999¢The objection in an too exact animated cartoon. I like warmth of a family not good. £

What there in the problem that a modern family has by you?

  Recently, the number of children has decreased in a moment. The only child of the word are the one talked about somehow attended with the sound "There is no brother and it seems to be lonely" before. However, it were a lot of brothers, was a remaining influences the only child in an unusual age, and became unusual with three siblings or more oppositely now.

  Brother's number's having decreased originates the fact that the number of children to whom one woman gives birth through life keeps decreasing. The total special birth rate in 1989 became even a popular word 1.57, ( It means only 157 children were born from 100 women), and "1.57 shock". Because it is said that this rate cannot maintain a current population if 2.08 or more is missing, in the population of Japan, it is a certain situation that changes to a decrease in the future. The decrease became accustomed too much or it is even in the recent news ..not becoming.. this rate though it keeps falling now. (Note: The total special birth rate is calculated including the woman who doesn't marry. The marrying woman is gaining two children or more on the average, and this has not been changing so much for tens of years recently. In a word, a decrease in the number of children gave birth to a child, increases the number of women who do not marry, and is done. )

  A decrease in brother's number is connected directly with an increase of the number of eldest sons and a decrease since the second son. It sees roughly and three people or more in four men are eldest son though there is no detailed data at how much rate eldest son's number exists. (Because the number of siblings becomes 75% because of a simple calculation if eldest son's ratio is requested as two people. Eldest son's ratio rises actually further because there are a lot of only children, too. )

  On the other hand, the tendency to which the eldest son is kept at a distance as marriage partners is becoming strong. However, second son's number is too much a lot, and quite scarce as for since third son existence. In a word, there are since the second son who seems may not worry about the possibility of cohabiting with husband's parents only one person or less in four men. There is a problem of Zbari "Bride and mother-in-law" in the core though the reason kept at a distance is that there is a possibility of cohabiting with husband's parents if it marries the eldest son. It is almost synonymous with avoiding bride and mother-in-law's fights to avoid the eldest son. It will be as it comes to have to nurse the mother-in-law when the future after being severely bullied at first of the newly-married couple by the mother-in-law.

  Most acute problems that a modern cohabitation third generation family is holding might be the wars of Zbari "Bride and mother-in-law". As for the bride who had married from another house, an inconvenient apprenticeship of Shuutomezucae had to live for bride Hai that the bride entered husband's house under mother-in-law's supervisor before. The win of mother-in-law's standpoint by all scenes, that is, annoy brides of the mother-in-law were the architectural issues.

  However, it can be still said that it was still good in the age when the society did not develop still so much. It is because of not very different to the difference of the sense of values of each generation. Because the movement of the world was also gradual, it was possible to do as such well because the experience and the knowledge that the mother-in-law had piled were useful. However, when the community structure changes suddenly since the high economic growth period and the sense of values of each generation comes to be also quite different, the confrontation of the bride and the mother-in-law becomes definite. When it becomes a product old-fashioned as for mother-in-law's "Wisdom bag", and "Wisdom bag" comes out unskillfully, a result not good will be invited oppositely.

  For instance, such the one was in the example of the annoy bride of the mother-in-law.
¢- - Mr. and you are now and then too the returns to the parents' family. Scamp and give overreliance to the parents' family to me because you are a person who came to ~~ person's bride. When I come to the bride to begin with. £
  In this word, there are two elements of a definite anachronism. Certainly, when the mother-in-law comes to the bride, the convention of the house system remains dark, and the bride is what carried out to husband's house. The age when having not come near to a parents' family so much was reflected because it was related to husband's pasteboard dump.

  Of course, such sense of values becomes not general now. However, the problem of the nursing of parents is coming to light because the number of children has decreased in recent years. Only in old times though there are a lot of brothers and were many brothers who defend the parents' family and take care of, it is a situation that nobody takes care of parents of nobody in the parents' family in a generation today to whom brother's number decreased if I do not go. The bride and the mother-in-law will give birth to a new crack if the mother-in-law understands neither the change in these sense of values nor the transitions of the social environment.

  A woman today is not making the marriage a rapid trench as long as the requirement of hoping is not met. It is often included to avoid the eldest son in one of the conditions. The reason for the problem of Totsshuutome is that it ought to avoid it as much as possible. Therefore, if eldest son's man tries to hope for the marriage, I cannot help naturally doing "Separation with parents" to the condition.

  Handbill of marriage guidance bureau(woman's part)

  The condition for which the woman hopes to the man is described.

  Handbill of marriage guidance bureau(man's part)

  The man hopes to the woman. Condition..nothing.
  The point for all members to have enumerated "Parents and separation" has been paid to attention.

  It is a handbill of a certain marriage guidance bureau on. The woman (I raise it to the shelf) is arranging the favor of the hoping man in the with one's own way. The man doesn't include the man who is writing ¥¥¥¥ woman's favor. It understands probably here. Moreover, the man has entirely enumerated "Parents and separation". I want you to be surprised at this fact. The woman has not purposely enumerated "Parents and separation" because it doesn't mean you may live with one's parents but "Parents and separation" is conditions before assumption.

  The man who has the possibility that an early story lives with one's parents even a little is removed from marriage partner's object to first. In a word, if the separation with parents is not guaranteed, it is not possible to marry. New "Family" cannot be made. What on earth does this reality tell?

  Daughter's mother swears that she will not make the daughter do the same hardship as me. Therefore, the daughter's marriage is not hastened. Only the eldest son who is making the separation a condition with since the second son or parents recommends it. The daughter is a daughter, and it is the outside of consideration like the newly-married life etc. that cohabited with husband's parents. How is "Bride and mother-in-law" very serious problems even if the whitewashing is enumerated, and eloquently tell this handbill in above all. Therefore, the possibility that it is achieved has decreased more and more even if it is assumed that the third generation cohabitation is an ideal. This tendency might not be reversed. The problem of the marriage difficulty and the falling birthrate and problems of the nursing of parents and are sure to exert a big influence on family's ideal way in the future.

  By the way, the Mashuko and the Shige were true parent and child in the "My Neighbors The Yamadas". Therefore, it is essentially without relation to "Bride and mother-in-law" problem. The ease of the Yamada family where single-mindedly peaceful daily life is drawn might have to consider around here.

What is the key to "Live comfortably" straightening for the family of the 21st century?

  The family in Japan says that they will have lived comfortably originally according to Isao Takahata. Certainly, it might have been so before modern ages. A free love match was at least natural at the people level though there was inconvenient in in a feudal system. Life was few the amusement and was able to send daily life peaceful though it managed to be painful. In that sense, no do be known of always necessarily express, that is, comfortably alive certainly irrelevant.

  However, it has changed to such popular ease since it is modern. The reason for the family in Japan is that it will walk with the wealth and military strength of the nation since Meiji Restoration. The eldest son became a heir, took over one's family's business, and the second son and the third son were summoned as a soldier. The woman was considered to be a tool to increase the number of descendants for Kunitomi, and the right was not looked on back. "It was necessary to be able to be borne, and ..plant.. become thin" that was the slogan during the war was the symbol.

  The family has been played at for economic development since World War II. It is Morretssarareman and the company-centered person's births. It is necessary to enter a good university to enter a good company. Therefore, the competition for the name of entrance exam race came to roll the child. The field that was children's playgrounds was developed, and children were deprived of the chance of the group play of a different age with the cram school expert video games.

  The Japanese since it was modern did not certainly have the leave where it lived comfortably when thinking like that. However, carefree lives are able not to be spent at once even if high economic growth completes the first stage, and it becomes an era of slow growth. The acute competition be developed staking one's survival, and an unmeasured tension be compelled only at the era of slow growth. "..restructuring.. divorce" to separate is not unusual and it becomes it as a cause of the master's restructuring. The dissatisfaction that the wife who married for years accumulated is said that "Retirement age divorce" to separate as a cause will have increased, too even if it works up to the retirement age and it raises it without committing serious mistakes. The disfunctional family from whom it is not a form mere problem but also the spiritual bond becomes asunder also is advancing. Cast so should sense of values doesn't make sense and it is coming not to be asked for a long time with the home with the family of the ideal the meaning variously said something with the family. You may be near escapism, and say that it is difficult to live comfortably if a certain kind of giving a clear-cut attitude doesn't exist more than before. However, this is not a problem of ending if it doesn't think. It is necessary to talk about it with not Tatemae but Honne.

  By the way, the "My Neighbors The Yamadas" was to have drawn only Honne splendidly, in a sense, it was elegant no matter Honne drawn there was very an invective. Oppositely, it is how much like the real intention etc. with which the poison is filled more more in the home of the reality.
"The next master became a section chief and prints. "
"Tacashi of facing prints by having passed the ** high school. "
This kind of competition gives unlimited pressure in father and the child. Even if a promotion versatility principle and an academic background versatile principle are eased, can it become free according to this pressure?It is not liberated from pressure through life then even in case of becoming a so-called permanent part-timer and the turn one's back to from the rat race. Actually, it will be said by the permanent part-timer who is receiving middle in one's thirties that it cannot take a steady job through life, and be narrowed the possibility in the future unlimitedly.

  And, an ultimate poison was a problem of "Bride and mother-in-law". The problem of "Bride and mother-in-law" is consequentially avoided in the "My Neighbors The Yamadas". How does the person concerned who is fighting over "Bride and mother-in-law" war catch the message "Live comfortably" etc. ..coming that today ends, too..?It is likely not to become Cakera of the persuasive power for the person concerned. Actually, the woman comes to avoid the marriage to the eldest son to avoid this poison, and the man has faced the marriage difficulty since the history of having. Thus, the average age for first marriage keeps going up, and the number of children keeps decreasing, too. Still, because neither man and woman nor marriage are in a hurry, not because of catching as serious problem eitherHowever, this becomes the factor of various social unrest like the pension problem and the manpower problem, etc. and will be actualized.

  After all, what meaning did the "My Neighbors The Yamadas" have for the family in Japan that received the 21st century?Is the key to "Live comfortably" straightening really found without retreating behind walls?  It is because of the reality's that cannot be avoided waiting for momentarily went out of the movie theater by one step even if it is thought, "It is possible to live comfortably" because the movie is seen and taking a stance. At least, it is "The idea is comfortably stopped" certain not to be able to do "Live comfortably" if it does. It appears only for a certain period of time the 20th century. The key to "Live comfortably" straightening might be concealed while thinking about a new apotheosis by the Yamada family assumed to be one of the apotheoses is not imitated but assuming this to be a kind of antithesis in the 21st century.

Appendix: Compared with how to draw "Family" between "My Neighbors The Yamadas" and "Card Captor Sakura"

Signboard of "My Neighbors The Yamadas" and "Sakura"
(In August, 1999 and Yurakucho. )

  "My Neighbors the Yamadas" is often taken up compared with other movies disclosed in 1999 same. For instance, it is compared from the context of confrontation of the Japanese film and the western-style painting like Princess Mononoke and "Lost world", etc. with "Star Uorz". Moreover, it is compared from a common paragraph of animation as which the release date is the same and the same with "Pocket monster". Moreover, it is likely to be compared with "Card Captor Sakura" by animation of the distribution in Shochiku the same-affiliated.

  Here, "Card Captor Sakura" (hereafter, "Cherry blossoms. ") will be taken up as a work compared with "Horhokekyo   My Neighbors the Yamadas" (hereafter, "My Neighbors The Yamadas"). Especially, these two works do indeed interesting symmetry when seeing from the key word "Family".

  The original of "Sakura" is girls' comics serialized to the monthly periodical for the girl of Kodansha 'The inside stop'. It is said it has been made to the television series by NHK satelite broadcasting since April, 1998, and it is popular very much.

  "Sakura" was the animation movies to which it was late to the "My Neighbors The Yamadas" and disclosed the theater on August 21, 1999 about one month, and same Shochiku as the "My Neighbors The Yamadas" worked on the distribution. Though the scenery screened as both works queue up in the point where a lot of numbers of screens such as Marunouchi Piccadillies exist was seen, the movie theater where "Sakura" had been disclosed after the "My Neighbors The Yamadas" had been discontinued was not few.

  In "Sakura" as girls' comics, even the tendency is no modern extremely goods. It takes various family images and interpersonal relationships that will be actualized to not the meaning of imagination world of a super-reality and the fantasy but Kon futuristic in advance if it says in a single phrase.

  How to draw has been changing into girls' comics since the first half of the 1970's. That is, the fantasy like the empty wish of happily soaked in the world decreases gradually with prince charming. The reality of the life-size has come to be drawn realistically. As for the tendency, the reality is steadily reflected in the ideal way of characters' interpersonal relationships even if there is an element of a princess fantasy. Though it is recommended too much and assumption is not done, that is, Papa's other party of the remarriage is the same age or immorality and homosexuality that comes to like friend's boyfriend as one of the tendencies to girls' comics in recent years, and comes to like teacher with I ¥¥¥, various relations that exist firmly are taken into the story in a real society. Adolescence who is the main reader generation's girl : by touching these works. Even the effect that the mind to accept a reality complex whether should say a kind of vaccination can be prepared might be accomplished.

  "Sakura" is in this flow, too. Moreover, the variety of appearing family image and interpersonal relationship presents even the aspect that should be called a related trade fair. The fatherless family and the motherless family by bereavement and the parting are beginnings. The charge at the elementary school:Furthermore pupil, and man's it is change, is decentralization, it is dismantlement of the family by the bereavement etc. of living of the child alone, substantial abandonment of supporting, and the fiance, and beginning teacher and high school student's pupils are, ..homosexuality.. exist about the woman, are married, get pregnant, are given birth, exist, and the promise ring:..passing.. homosexually ¥¥¥ There is already any , in the enumeration. The variety of this family image is chiefly surprising for girls' comics intended for the school child. After all, it doesn't appear by may say by you complete a typical "My Neighbors The Yamadas" family image in "Sakura".

  Well, if the spot is addressed to hero's family, and the difference is considered, it becomes the following. The Yamada family that appears in the "My Neighbors The Yamadas" is a large family of the third typical generation from of old cohabitation. A very common holding a ceremony is enumerated, and the child is gained well though there is not unhappiness that seems to be unhappy either. On the other hand, the Kinomoto family that appears in "Sakura" is a nuclear family of father and two children. Though the inside opposite to surroundings exceeds the standpoint such as the beginning teachers and pupil of 16 years and went ahead and get married, mother dies at the age only of 27, and hero's cherry blossoms hardly have the mother's memory. In a word, the Kinomoto family is holding big sadness in the root for the Yamada family where most sadness that seems to be sadness is not drawn.

  However, there is no such a thing whether the Kinomoto family goes to ruin because there is no mother. The mother's existence is strongly considered because there is no mother. Father is having mother's story often heard from daughter's cherry blossoms. The present is bought on mother's birthday, and it offers, and mother in family's mind is firmly alive ..recent situation.. talking to in touch mother's ..cherry blossoms.. photograph in the case. (Oppositely, the Yamada family is poorer in the district, and the mother's existence is not daily confirmed in the Yamada family. )In the meaning of family bond, the Kinomoto family may say that they will demonstrate the connection more than the equal to the Yamada family.

  The domestic division of labor also is doing vivid symmetry. Housework like cooking, washing, and the cleaning, etc. has been allotted in the family in the Kinomoto family though mother is undertaking the housework of the Yamada family single-handed each other. Of course, though there is no difference from necessity it, it seems that housework is allotted equally even if it sees, and mother is alive and well because it is allotted indeed naturally.

  By the way, it is existence like air no matter how mother does housework in the Yamada family and gratitude is not expressed by the family. Besides, it is said that it is an omission and is a state that Tsccomi has entered. Because full-time housewife's characteristic at era of high-speed economic growth ridiculed with maid is drawn as it isWhat difference is mother of the Kinomoto family that keeps living in family's mind though it has already died with mother of the Yamada family hardly considered though a considerable working is done?

  There is father's difference at the case, too. Though father of the Yamada family is the lazy day living and it is not a translation to be alive especially with a purpose either, father of the Kinomoto family is working diligently to the research as young man's scholar. Father of the Kinomoto family doesn't have such a place though father of the Yamada family affects the backbone of the family only when it is convenient. Dignity has been filled though father of the Kinomoto family is gentle though father of the Yamada family doesn't have the one that dignity and the name are given only by wanting the capricious preach.

  Splendid symmetry as it can be said that the family image drawn by "My Neighbors The Yamadas" and "Sakura" is even opposite from what to what by giving examples like this is shown. Though there are a lot of screening pavilions of the "My Neighbors The Yamadas" even if it sees on the side of establishing a business while sales of an advance ticket do not fragrantly have guest's a theater entering a lot either, sales of an advance ticket are said by good, and the procession also of the movie theater of the the standing seeing and next entrance be able though are few only the screening pavilion of "Sakura". By the original the cartoon and the animation movie common, symmetry with indeed vivid affiliate of the cartoon and expression form of animation is done. Shochiku will be able also to say it was tough unexpectedly the preparation for both movies with a different in the so much concept.

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