Basic Data of "My Neighbors The Yamadas"

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Basic data@09 JUl. 1999

Main Characters 09 JUl. 1999

Basic data

"My Neighbors The Yamadas")
Tokuma Publishing, Studio Ghibli,
Nippon Television Network Corporation,

Original Comic

Ishii Hisaichi
Takahata Isao
Yano Akiko

Production cost
The number of drawing
Screening time

Suzuki Toshio
Studio Ghibli
more than 2 billion yen
more than 150,000 pieces
about 110 minutes

Draw Director
Art Director
Paint Directo
Take a Picture Director
Animation Director


Tanabe Osamu, Monose Yoshituki
Konishi Kenichi
Tanaka Naoya, Takeshige Yoji
Yasuda Michiyo
Okui Atsushi
Saito Masaya, Tateno Hitomi
Tanabe Osamu, Monose Yoshiyuki

Takahata Isao

Voice Actor
Yamada Matsuko (mother)
Yamada Yahashi (father)
Yamano Shige (grandmother)

Yamada Noboru(eldest son)
Yamasa Nonoko(eldest daughter)

Miss. Fujiwara

Asaoka Yukiji
Masuoka Toru
Araki Masako

Ishohata Hayato
Uno Naomi

Yano Akiko

Total manufacture command


Tokuma Yasuyoshi

Ujiie Seiichiro Shoji Takashi
Michael O Jonson

Production staff


Okuda Seiji, Fujimaki Naoya
Hoshino Yasuji

Murai Toshihiko(Shochiku)



Shochiku Co.

Tokuma Publishing
Nippon Television Network Corporation,

Ishii Hisaichi, Hata Office, TGNHB
Road show from July 17, 1999

Main Characters

Matsuko (a mother)

Matsuko is a full-time housewife. She is about 42-43 years old, she speaks the dialect in the Kansai area. Her worry is how to select the menu of the supper every day.

Takashi (a father)

Takashi is a salaried worker man who lives in a local city in Japan. He is about 43-45 years old. The official position in his company is a section chief.
He always try to keep dignity in the family. His hobby is Sunday carpentry and pachinko.

Shige (a grandmother)

Shige is Matsuko's mother. Her age is about 70 years old.
Her habit of saying is "I have the name of land in this house." She has a very sarcastic invective.

Noboru (an eldest son)

Noboru is an eldest son of the Yamada family. He is in the second grade of junior high-school, he belongs to the baseball club at the school. His will is weak, and his duty is always achieved only halfway. He keeps his result whole average.

Nonoko (an eldest daughter)

Nonoko is an eldest daughter of the Yamada family. She is in the third grade of elementary school. Her character is large-hearted though she is weak in study. Her appetite also is extremely vigorous, but on the other hand, she always worry about his elder brother.

Pochi (a dog)

Pochi is a pet of the Yamada family. Though Pochi is a watchdog, it does not have the ability as the watchdog at all Pochi is always ill-humored and unamiable, sometimes it bits to the owner.

Miss. Fujiwara (a teacher)

Miss. Fujiwara is a teacher of Nonoko. Her age is about 26-29. Her education policy is "Tekito (Suitability, generally, rough,broadly). "

a woman who wore glasses

She is a friend of Shige. She is being hospitalized due to sickness. Shige sometimes visits her.

Grandmother of Kikuchi

She is a grandmother of Kikuchi Mami who is a classmate of Noboru.

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