Fan Art and Essay of "The Cat Returns"

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Miss Nenz drew the illustration of this homepage. She is same high school girl of 17 years as Haru.
She expressed the impression of The Cat Returns in the illustration and the essay.

Excuse: These English sentences are temporary translations, not read easily still very much. I want to revision them neatly some day. Thanks.

Is it My Baron is such feeling ‥??

What will I do if I have my "Baron"? by Miss Nenz

"The level is low for the Ghibli work. "
"The quality has fallen. "

There was hearing from surroundings before seeing the movie ..such a word...
There were a lot of critical opinions so.
Still, I visited the movie theater.
"Has the quality fallen?" was not honest.
There might be wording surrounding and not worrying so much either.
Whether a surrounding opinion is correct at any rate or not?It went to confirm it.

It formally writes.

I had secretly thought, "Do you seem to be interested?" before it saw
It might drop for ..Ghibli of ..encounter.. , then.. the image, the design, and what.
However, it saw comfortably because it was not in the fellow who saw as such a thing worried.

After it sees. The pamphlet has been instinctively bought.
The movie of that tempo likes very much, and is interesting.
Though I think the Iromono idea for saying to exist

"Country to which fellow who cannot live in private time goes". It:Country of the cat.
17 years old of me is equal to Haru. This time:Various worries etc.
What some Moyamoyaed is lustful. When you watch there empty at such time

"Each other I want to put away ..decrease.. Ocona far .and somewhere... "

It is necessary when it sleeps in the roadside and the rolling homeless cat is seen

"Each other I want to change with and this cat that wants to become a cat. "

It thinks very much.

"It is not possible to live in the private time" ..saying saying so...
Can I also live in the private time when there is Baron at such time?

By the way, it is - in cat's country ..not wanting go.. though I want to become a cat.
..stress.. rather ..seeming collect... it is sure to step in one's own shit

Haru where it wants to go to cat's country

Vision of hairstyle that Haru is short

(illustrated by Miss Nenz)

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