Press Conference of "The Cat Returns"

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Excuse: These English sentences are temporary translations, not read easily still very much. I want to revision them neatly some day. Thanks.

The press conference that announced the completion of "The Cat Returns" in Tokyo International Forum in Tokyo and Yurakucho was held at 4:00PM, July 9th, 2002. Aoi HIIRAGI (original writer), Tetsuro TANBA (Neko-Oh), Chizuru IKEWAKI (Haru), Ayano TSUJI (theme song), the Toshio Suzuki producer, and the Hiroyuki MORITA director attend the interview.

press conference

Hiroyuki MORITA director

Appearance of press conference room


taking a picture time

Taking a picture scenery

Mr. Chizuru IKEWAKI, Mr. Tetsuro TANBA,
and Mr. Ayano TSUJI from the left

Coverage staff in front of Tokyo International Forum

The preview that announced completion in Tokyo International Forum C hall was held at 6:30PM, July 9, 2002. The stage greeting by Mr. Tetsuro TANBA, Mr. Chizuru IKEWAK, Mr. Ayano TSUJI, and the Hiroyuki MORITA director was done before screening. First of all, the theme song was performed by Mr. Ayano TSUJI. The greeting by the performer was continuously done. Finally, the MORITA director said "Please enjoy meeting cat's world and various characters".

Transmission to journalist

Receipt of entrance in forum

Stage made in front of hall

Greeting to visitor


Appearance in hall

theme song

Greeting of Morita director

Appearance of stage greeting

ended of screening

Hall exit

((Photographed on July 19 - 20, 2002)

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