Photograph Collection Derived "The Cat Returns"

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In this page, in relation to "The Cat Returns", the photograph of the cat that lived in Seiseki-Sakuragaoka assumed becoming the model of photograph
and chapter of sisters "Whisper of the Heart" of Yokohama Motomachi in the shopping street said referring was published.

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The shopping street on the cross street drawn in the work by "The Cat Returns" is said that the Motomachi shopping street in Yokohama served as a reference as a model. The MORITA supervisor seemed to visit Yokohama Motomachi in the school days, and to have received "Here is a town very refined ".
Yokohama Motomachi is a town from the latter half of the 1970's to the first half of the 1980's where Hamatora (traditional fashion of Yokohama) word fashion was invented. The Hamatora fashion to which the image of "Signorina" was completely pushed out became a nationwide large boom around a standard item such as the polo shirt of "Fukuzo", shoes of "Mihama", and the shoulder bags of "Kitamura". Motomachi runs in state-of-the-art of the fashion during the 1980's when the MORITA supervisor spent the school days as place of dispatch of the culture of a new generation , for example, word "Trendy". The flow is continuing now.
Here, the appearance of a present Yokohama Motomachi shopping street was brought together.

Yokohama and Motomachi shopping street

As a fashionable store queues up

Is the parked car fashionable somehow?

The design of the store is also unique.

Store of KITAMURA.
The Hamatora fashion was sent here to the whole country.


Scenery in front of The Bank of Yokohama

The vicinity of north side terminal of time shopping street
To our regret, it was not possible to see though it was interesting if a round white cat like Muta was walking in this town.

Taking a picture: March 29, 2004

There is "Whisper of the Heart" in the Ghibli work that should be called the chapter of sisters of "The Cat Returns". Seiseki-Sakuragaoka is a town assumed to have become the model of the background picture of movie "Whisper of the Heart".
Cats how many live in the town in the sage mark. It seems to spend the private time peacefully without being surprised even if approaching.
Here, photographs of cats who lived in Seiseki-Sakuragaoka were collected.

Cats in town in sage mark

One of black cats

Cat in bush

Cat that has come out from bush

Cat like full moon exactly

Improvement of cat.

Tired Chaneco in a black cat.

A black another cat also : to the interior.

Though a black cat parted d

After all, has become tired.




Sound sleep

Date of taking a picture:
The first three pieces: November 19, 1998
The following five pieces: March 28, 1999
The following four pieces: June 24, 2000
Four Mai below: November 11, 2000

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