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Excuse: These English sentences are temporary translations, not read easily still very much. I want to revision them neatly some day. Thanks.

Basic Data 2002/06/20

Main Characters 2002/08/30

Synopsis 2002/07/10

(illustrated by Miss Nenz)

Basic Data

Main Staff

Executive Producer Hayao MIYAZAKI

Director Hiroyuki MORITA

Original Comics Aoi HIIRAGI

Script Reiko YOSHIDA

Music Yuji NOMI

Chief Animators Ei INOUE

Art Director Naoya TANAKA

Color Designer Osamu MIKASA

Producer Toshio SUZUKI Nozomu TAKAHASHI

Production Studio Ghibli

Theme Song Ayano TSUJI

Voice Actor


Haru's Mother
Kumiko OKAE

Hiromi Hitomi SATO

Rune Takayuki YAMADA

Baron Yoshihiko HAKAMADA


Toto Yousuke SAITOU

Neko-Oh (King) Tetsuro TANBA

Natori Kenta SATOI

Natoru Mari HAMADA

Yuki Aki MAEDA

Released in Japan: July 20, 2002

Main Characters (illustratted by Miss Nenz)

She is the second grade of high-school of 17 years old. Her character is cheerful and frank. Foil and her daily life of her is extremely ordinary in the translation with a special talent. She doesn't have the courage confessed to him though she is Hiraomo in classmate's Machida. And, she knowt that Mr. Machida might have his lover, and she has gotten depressed.

She rescues Rune of the prince in cat's country one day. She is invited to cat's country by the distinguished services. However, it was almost made to marry prince Rune then by her.

Haru's Mother

She is a single mom. Her work is a patchwork, and her office is her home. Her daughter is not let alone though she is very ardent to work. Her and her daughter's inside is very good.


She is a friend of Haru. She is a best friend of Haru, and it is a good adviser. It belongs to the lacrosse part though it is a character of the physical education association clear that the bamboo was cheerfully divided-affiliated, it is said that it will become feeling to have depended too much for a moment when the request thing was done. She is in love to Tsuge in the table tennis club.


He is a prince in cat's country. And, he is a son of Neko-Oh (King). He is doing a cordial, considerate character.

He went out to buy her present for the fiance. Then, it was helped by Haru though he was almost run over by the truck. Haru seems to be married by the plot of Neko-Oh (King) who is his father he : though he becomes. He insisted that it marry Yuki who was his fiance. When he succeeds to the crown, the good government will be enforced as for cat's country.


He says that a formal name is Fmbelt phone Sickingen baron. He:Master of office "Earth shop" of the cat that solves various problems. He is a baron of the cat that pulls the blood of an aristocratic cat of the distinguished family.


He is a companion of Baron. He usually does the appearance of a usual, fat cat, and is wandering the shopping street in the town. He has been also to "Cat's country" before, and there seems to be past when the riot was caused there. He becomes even the wall painting of the legend as a violence large thief by "Cat's country".


He is a companion of Baron. When cat's office begins to move, he begins to move as a crow where he also had the intellect though he does the appearance of the statue in man's world. His character is impatient. He often fights against Muta. However, they cooperate mutually when they undertake the resolution of a question.

Neko-Oh (King)
He is a king in cat's country. His character is selfish and egocentric. He always behaves by the idea. It doted on son's Rune, and he planned it so that may have Rune and Haru marry by him. However, the plan fell through.


He is the first secretary of Neko-Oh (King). He presides over the duty as an aide who can trust it. The country's managing it while managing to get that Neko-Oh (King) made seems that it is large depending on the ability of Natori. A confused Neko-Oh (King) instruction can be digested calmly and calmly. He is very a competent secretary.


He seems to be the second secretary of Neko-Oh (King). Manners are amiable he and do not think about things too much deeply by him though are so-so. And, he is skillful in advancing things without thinking of the other party's trouble. The country worries how about it becomes it if he succeeds as today and accountable work comes to be left though he is a character not hateful. He should study a calm, calmer character.

She is a commoner in cat's country. The waiter is working by her in the royal palace. She also had lived in man's world before. However, it is living in cat's country now. She is a fiance of Rune.


Haru:A usual high school girl who is spending daily life somehow. It is every day ordinary as for ordinary when it is repeated to be happy and not attached for a moment for a moment.

The day was a day at the time of which it was not attached for a moment. It oversleeps since the morning, it is late to the morning gathering, disgraces oneself ahead of everyone, and the cleaning after school is laughed at by the classmate under Hiraomo because it is blundering. Besides, when walking with best friend's Hiromi after school, she lovely learns the classmate seem to be... Haru that single-mindedly gets depressed.

Haru seems to be run over by the truck and discovers the cat that became it at that time. Haru helped out the cat by the racket handful and a hair's breadth of the lacrosse that Hiromi had instinctively had. Then, it was not going to be surprised or the surviving cat stood up two with the foot. The cat bows politely. ĒThank you for helping a dangerous point. The reward is renewed, too. ĢIt said and it left solving. Haru was only made the event of the remainder with the blank surprise.

The procession of the cat showed up in front of a house about Haru on that night. One line seems to have come from "Cat's country" all the way. Haru taken in amazement is thanked in previous and the event in daytime is thanked to king "Neko-Oh (King)". It notified of repaying the kindness that helped the prince beforehand and it left. In cat's country, the cat that had helped in daytime seems to have been prince.

A mysterious event will continue the next day. The site in the house of Haru buried with in one side, was carried out, and rat's present was inserted in the shoe cabinet of the school. It is said that a large amount of rackets of the lacrosse that broke when the prince is helped in the house of Hiromi of the best friend of Haru were delivered. It was said that the messenger in cat's country wanted to show up again in front of Haru what not to be understood well some, and to invite Haru to cat's country. The messenger says until it wants to talk about wonderful in cat's country, and to receive Haru as a queen. When Hiraomo was defeated and he or she showed a little it was and "It slept whether cat's country was also good" and the nature ..crowding.., it was said, "Then, went up to receiving tonight" and the messenger left.

Haru that came out of delirium ejaculates. "It is made to way and cat's brides" A mysterious voice sounds in overhead of embarrassed Haru. "It searches for Haru and cat's office. "When it issues out into a street as invited to the voice, it is white and meets fat cat "Muta" by Haru. It was a town of the miniature there when Muta was followed and it passed under the arch. Cat's office was in the corner of the town.

Cat's baron "Baron" was standing "Welcome cat's office" there.

Haru that had entered cat's office reported on a current event to Baron. Though Baron promised the problem to be solved for Haru, the aide of Neko-Oh (King) boards while it relaxes one's guard by chance, and Haru is kidnapped by "Cat's country". Haru was chased and Baron, Muta, and crow's Toto hurried to cat's country.

In "Cat's country", the preparation for the marriage of Haru and Rune was advanced. Can you safely return to former world in Haru?

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