Valley of the Oni no Shitaburui


Valley of the Oni no Shitaburui
This valley has about total 3km length. It made by eroded granite. This vicinity is specified for a natural park. And,there is specified for the natural commemoration thing in the country.

The upstream
This day was raining until morning.
Clear water flows and power flows.

Distant view of valley
This day was raining until morning.
Volume of waters are more than usually.

The stroll road is installed along
the river. We can enjoy going
on a hike.

Direction of the downstream
There is a fishing scene in the downstream
of this river. It crowds there with a lot of
fishing persons.

In both shores in the river,
there is a high precipice.

Eboshi-Iwa Rock
In this valley, there are a lot of
very big rocks.

Origin story of the valley of the Oni no Shitaburui

Izumo-Fudoki,the Japan's ancient tomography, there is a following story are described it.
A beautiful princess was in this local recesses of a mountain. The princess name is Tamahimenomikoto,she is a god who appears to the myth. The crocodile which lived in the Sea of Japan fell in love with this princess. The crocodile went back the river every evening and visited princess.
However, princess disliked the crocodile. And, she put a big rock on the river, and the crocodile was cannot visit her.
It is said that these rocks of valley of the Oni no Shitaburui are the remaining influences.