Reports of the film be shown with subtitles

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Scene of shown with subtitles

Outline of screening with subtitles

Japanese subtitles was applied to "The Princess Mononoke" by the volunteers in Nagoya Japan. This subtitles were produced for the persons who had the trouble in aural. The film from which the subtitles were given be shown from August 29, 1997 to the 31st in the Nagoya city. The volunteers who produces the subtitles are doing the activity by which the persons who has the trouble in aural is helped. This time, it was planned to apply subtitles to have the persons who did not hear the ear enjoy "The Princess Mononoke".

Date: from August 29, 1997 to the 31st
Place : movie theater of the Imaike Kokusai Cinema in Nahoya city, Japan
Screening time : 9:10, 11:35, 14:00, 16:25, 18:50

direction with the movie theater


Screening at this time was crowded very much. It was screened always fully. This movie theater is not for the physically handicapped persons. In the movie theater, it was notified when subtitles were added for the physically handicapped persons of aural. Healthy peoples understood the notification well. Therefore, a physically handicapped persons of aural and healthy people enjoyed the movie together. The atmosphere was quite equal to other movie theaters.

sticker of notification

signboard of notification
Japanese subtitles has merit for a healthy Japanese. Even if the spectator hears and misses the dialog, they understands the meaning of the words. Therefore, if every subtitles is seen, the serif can be understood. Similarly, the imitation sound word and the mimetic word were expressed by the character.

How to make subtitles.

Japanese subtitles were made as follows.

(1)The approval of the movie theater is obtained and the dialogs are recorded.

(2)Recorded dialogs are edited with the personal computer. The total of the card of the dialog amounted about 1,740 pieces.

(3)The timing of the film is adjusted. Dialogs are synchronized and the film is synchronized.

(4)collates with the scenario obtained from Studio Ghibli.

(5)The completed subtitles are copied onto videotape.

Subtitles were projected from
the left side.

Antenna which uses hearing aid


A home VTR and the liquid crystal projector were used for screening subtitles. Those machine parts is usually marketed. Videotape which collects subtitles is played. And, it is projected to the screen simultaneously with the film.

Subtitles were made for people that aural is inconvenient. However, the hearing aid was prepared at the same time for people with hard hearing. A magnetic loop (antenna) was set up in the pavilion. Dialogs of "The Princess Mononoke" are broadcast from the antenna. Therefore, peoples who have the hearing aid can catch the dialog.

Machines for subtitles

VTR and liquid crystal projector
The system which projects this subtitles is not real. It is the one that the hand was made by the volunteer. The synchronization of subtitles and the film is not complete. Therefore, subtitles cannot be projected in other movie theaters. The reason is that the time lag is caused on subtitles and the film.


It was achieved that Japanese subtitles was added to "The Princess Mononoke" by volunteers' zeal. Still more, it needed the understanding of the movie theater and Studio Ghibli. I think it is very wonderful that healthy peoples and physically handicapped persons of aural should be able to appreciate "The Princess Mononoke" together.
(To make this manuscript, I received the cooperation of Mr.Shimoide Takafumi of the volunteer circle.)

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