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Excuse: These English sentences are draught translations, not read easily still very much. I want to revision them neatly some day. Thanks.

The Princess Mononoke of an English dubbing and the Japanese title version started on April 29, 2000 and disclosing started in a Toho western-style painting system theater in the Japanese whole country. This is a location of the triumphant return screening of the English version disclosed in 131 theaters of the North America region in October, 1999 in Japan. The charge also puts the gratitude taste to the fan and extra rates of 1000 uniform yen are set. About 60 people can be formed a line to the Yurakucho Subaru-za theater of Tokyo and Yurakucho at the time of that begins to enter at 9:00AM, and about 120 spectators come to the screening beginning. It blew to English and it enjoyed the atmosphere of the substituted work. The Toshio Suzuki producer showed up in the lobby, and scenery that many children pleaded for the signature was seen. Documentary movie "Princess Mononoke in USA" of about 20 minutes that collected the pattern of the campaign that the Miyazaki supervisor did in North America was screened before disclosing the English version Princess Mononoke simultaneously, too.

Subaru-za theater

Advertising medium thing

Procession of entrance waiting

About 60 of those who  enter procession

Coverage staff

Toshio Suzuki producer

Visitors:About 120 people.

In front of the stall

Appearance of lobby

Producer Suzuki who responds to signature

With the child

Commemoration taking a picture together

Get the signature and with a smile

-- exceeding "Mononoke phenomenon".
The starting point recurrence of Ghibli was seen Suzuki Producer's smile.

It was a quiet first day.

The Princess Mononoke that created the boom that recorded the biggest hit in the history of the Japanese movie and was called, "Mononoke phenomenon" was disclosed again in the whole country at the first day of Golden Week. This is applying of Japanese subtitle to the English dubbing version disclosed in the United States in October, 1999. It is a location of the triumphant return screening in Japan. "Princess Mononoke in USA" of 20 minutes that collected the campaign done according to disclosing this English version Princess Mononoke that was the documentary movie was screened simultaneously, too.

There was no staying up all night class, and the first person who had come to about 7:20 on the morning of that day became a ride in the Subaru-za theater of Tokyo and Yurakucho. The second was about 7:30 and when the third parent and child began to be able began to do the row, enter to about 8:00 in 8:30, and 30 people or less 9:00 enter, was able to form a line 60 people or more. And, spectators who gathered in the screening beginning of 9:30 were about 120 people. Because the number of seats is 306, the impression that the vacant seat stood out is incontrovertible. 500 people pour in only in the staying up all night class. It was a quiet first day that not was to compare it with 7:00 before three years surrounding of 2000 processions Yurakuchou Mullion in the morning. It is said that it is a situation in which the spectator mobilization in other screening pavilions looks like, too, and there was even a place that as many as ten people did not enter either in the inside. The possibility that crowded sellout becomes flourishing might be few though there is a possibility that the spectator mobilization expands after Golden Week.

Does the seal see the cut new movie in the same Marion-theater as for many of people who saw the Princess Mononoke in the Marion-theater now before?At least, 10 million one people who had supported the spectator mobilization of the Princess Mononoke did not return to the English version Princess Mononoke. Heat at that time at the time of having been described, "Mononoke phenomenon" had the scenery that could not help being said that it was already lost of the shadow and shape there.

Certainly, spectator's this entering was not satisfactory when seeing only on the performance side. The report concerning the triumphant return screening was hardly seen unlike ago of three years that had been reported Hayao Miyazaki's retirement work by the mass media making noise, and repeatedly. The majority of people who saw the Princess Mononoke might not know even the fact of this screening before. Moreover, the concept of purposely blowing the Japanese movie made in Japan to English, substituting, and appreciating with the title might not have aroused a particular concern either. The Princess Mononoke is already a past work before that for a lot of people. It is widely widespread, and might not have to visit the movie theater even with the video all the way.

Anyway, a lot of seals have even only the cut attractive new movie during Golden Week. Even if the Princess Mononoke doesn't become overcapacity, it is not specially mysterious. The general public flowed to other new movies.

Or, only the Subaru-za theater might have become full if there was Hayao Miyazaki's stage greeting at the first day. However, the mania layers of ..Hayao Miyazaki.. aim did not gather because it had not been achieved either.

However, the Subaru-za theater on this day can be said occupying by the purest spectator in a certain meaning if it says oppositely. There was no general public who got on the report of the mass media like last time, and only the stage greeting was and was not a target mania layer either. Work of Ghibli was favorite people in purity in being there. However, it was people who had visited the movie theater to be familiar with the work world of Ghibli. All generations from the infant to the elderly person gather without Man though a lot of the total alone never existed. It is actually felt whether people of the age group with a very wide Ghibli work are familiar because it renews.

Well, the Subaru-za theater on that day unexpectedly came to the Toshio Suzuki producer. It is likely to have come incognito because there was not an announcement in prior either. It seemed to have been relieved to entering of a moderate spectator though it was worried, "Let's did very if there were none of guests".

It was enclosed by the girl and children who pleaded for the signature as soon as producer Suzuki appeared to the lobby. Producer Suzuki's face is known well and it is popular though it is supervisor Takahata and it is a Miyazaki supervisor as for the face of Ghibli considerably. It asked one's name pleasantly according to the request of the signature, and the signature to which the illustration was affixed was drawn from producer Suzuki politely.

Producer Suzuki's smile when the signature was passed was especially impressive. The best memories on this day are English version Princess Mononokes, not "Princess Mononoke in USA", and might become producer Suzuki's smiles for children.

By the way, the Hayao Miyazaki supervisor has completely become far existence. Especially, the Miyazaki supervisor who had been projected onto "Princess Mononoke in USA" filled dignity as it made even fear held, and was causing even the atmosphere that did not approach rapidly easily. This documentary had only the effect of improving Miyazaki supervisor's charisma though it would not be a real intention. At least, nobody might have felt the Miyazaki supervisor as a familiar, friendly existence because it saw this. How much appeal power in a usual spectator is doubt ..whether.. though a part of by love mania layer might be welcome worshiping it.

Anyway, the boom did not revive in Japan no matter how the Princess Mononoke was spoken very highly in the United States. The fact where the half of the seat is not buried either is even symbolical and exists though is an honourable triumphant return screening. The triumphant return screening that had to be called closing of accounts that embodied one's future of "Mononoke phenomenon" sarcastically performed time of the post that confirmed the end of "Mononoke phenomenon".

And, I think that the story of new Ghibli started from producer Suzuki's smile. The slump of the "My Neighbors The Yamadas" is received, and the Miyazaki supervisor and producer Suzuki :. "Let's return to the starting point of Ghibli. Hereafter, let's make the movie for the child. "It is said that it arranged it solving. I thought that I saw the starting point pleasantly according to children's requests with a smile of Suzuki Producer who signed.

The girl who got the signature was lively of the voice and said, "(Producer Suzuki :) It was a very gentle uncle". The smile might return the image of the Miyazaki supervisor who has become far existence now even to a familiar position for children.

I am looking forward to the "Spirited Away" that is a next film very much. (2000/04/30)

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