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Staff and Voice Actors     1997/05/25

Outline     1997/06/21

Explanation of Princess Mononoke     1997/07/02

Main characters     1997/07/02

Staff and Voice Actors


Original Story : Hayao Miyazaki
Executive Producers :  Seiichiro Ujiie,Yutaka Narita
Chief Executive Producer :Yasuyoshi Tokuma

Producer : Toshio Suzuki
Production charge: Seiji Okuda

Director : Hayao Miyazaki
Supervising Animators : Masashi Ando
Art Direction : Nizo Yamamoto, Naoya Tanaka, Yoji Takeshige, Satoshi Kuroda,  Kazuo Oga
Color Design : Michiyo Yasuda
Camara Supervisor : Atsushi Okui

Music: Jo Hisaishi
Performance: Yoshikazu Mera

Voice Actor

Ashitaka: Yoji Matsuda
San: Yuriko Ishida

Eboshi Gozen: Yuko Tanaka
Jiko Bou: Kaoru Kobayashi

Koroku: Masahiko Nishimura
Gonza: Tsunehiko Kamijo
Toki: Sumi Shimamoto
Tatari-Gami: Makoto Sato
Ushikai: Akira Nagoya

Moro: Akihiro Miwa
Hii-Sama: Mitsuko Mori
Okkotonushi: Hisaya Morishige


The virgin forest at ancient times that had not allowed the person to come near yet remained in Japan of the age that started shifting from the Middle Ages to the early modern age. Big beasts such as Wolf Gods and wild boars that understand man's word from old live there. It is ..scaring.. in the forest from men as the roughness pantheon of the lurking beasts. It was a Shishi Gami accompanied by the beasts, and defended the sanctuary barrel forest.
However, men who have gained population tried to cut the virgin forest open, and to make their worlds.
The Princess Mononoke is one large adventure age action film of the god and the person who turns over under such a background and is expanded.

Hero..Ashitaka..Yamato Imperial Court..fight..defeat..Tohoku..mountain family..blood..pull..boy. It was assumed the following length. Wild boar's god attacks the village in the mountain village where the Ashitaka lives one day. Though the Ashitaka challenges wild boar's god to a fight to save the village, the curse of the death is put by the god of the wild boar that turns into "Mononoke" that is called a Tatari-Gami by anger and hatred.

The Ashitaka goes out to travel to ascertain the fate by yourself voluntarily waiting however for the death. The purpose of it is to confirm the reason the purpose is not to solve the curse, and why he had had to receive the curse.

The Ashitaka headed from the mountain village in the eastern country to the west. Then, the Ashitaka meets a man into whom a Jiko Bou and great change. The Jiko Bou saw the bowl of the vermilion-lacquered of the Ashitaka, and ..recalling.. muttered, "It was was the clan by the use of Yashiri of the extending stone to and the red deer in the east brave.

And, the Ashitaka that knew the thing that there is "Forest of the Shishi Gami" in the direction in the west decided to aim at the forest. The Ashitaka encounters the girl and the San of one person in the vicinity of the river on the way of that. Only she was a Princess Mononoke raised to the Wolf God "Moro" though it was man's child.

There was an appearance of a white, huge Wolf God behind this girl. Only this girl knows that it knows "Forest of the Shishi Gami" by intuition, and calls the Ashitaka. However, the glance filled with hostility was only returned to the Ashitaka who was man because the San had intensely hated man who violated the forest.

The Ashitaka meets men who have been injured in the same vicinity of the river. They say that it was attacked by that white, huge Wolf God. The Ashitaka was invited to the village of the Tatara steel manufacture that was called their Eboshis at the hometown.

The woman "Eboshi Gozen" was leading the Tatara steel manufacture group. It was thought that the Eboshi Gozen swept away the pantheon from the forest, and was going to change into rich land at the man center there. She gathered the woman who had been sold and men who had been oppressed and was striking iron.

By the way, it was assumed that the power to confer immortality was equipped in "Shishi Gami". Even if they aimed at the neck of this "Shishi Gami", large samurais were active behind the scenes. Thus, the fight of the triple struggle that rolls people and large samurais of "Shishi Gami" and the San and the Eboshi starts. The Ashitaka and the San can meet again in the tragedy of such a fight, and commune it gradually.

However, the fight over the mountain increases intense, and the pantheon turns into a free roughness brute. It is swallowed to the curse that turns into "Mononoke" though the San starts calming down the god who turns into the Tatari-Gami. Ashitaka..death..resolution..San..rescue..face.

The story : to the close in pandemonium. What is the hope in that that two people found?

Explanation of Princess Mononoke
  The adventure action film decides an American movie and the market price now. A gay showing place is made spending huge money, and American's hero takes an active part. The Japanese only sees it. Have it become it so when?Moreover, making to the show is advanced to the action made in Hollywood movie in recent years fast because of the advancement of the digital technique. Showing place only for showing place. True impression really : though might get excited. ?

  The latest work Princess Mononoke by the Hayao Miyazaki original, the scenario, and the supervisor is the ambition works to challenge such a situation bravely. There was an adventure action film also in the Miyazaki work like the Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind Laputa: The Castle in the Sky etc.However, both are stateless fantasies. The stage that the Miyazaki supervisor chose by the Princess Mononoke:Very "Japan. " of this. Is the adventure action film really approved in Japan?This work that put twice or more a past Studio Ghibli work for both output costs and the production periods is one large amusement adventure age action film with a hand Japanese to whom the Japanese movie field is after a long time.

One large epic of rocky and full of drama that shakes soul
  The story collapses the frame in the Middle Ages, and is unfolded in a chaotic age that shifts to the early modern age. Here and there, the forest of ancient times where the person had not been allowed to come near yet remained in this age even though the number of men increased, and a lot of virgin forests were opened. Beasts of the deer etc. were huge, wise, the human speech was understood, man who trespassed on the holy ground was attacked, and it was feared as a roughness pantheon by the Wolf God, the wild boar, and it in the evergreen, dark, black forest that was called Tehaki.

  The hero:The young person Ashita power to the fight with Yamato Imperial Court that pulls a certain clan's royal family's blood to lurk in the mountain village in tear Tohoku, and to live there for hundreds of years. He is put the curse of the death by getting angry and soaking the monk by the god of the wild boar that has become a Tatari-Gami, and goes out to travel to resolve the puzzle. And, rare Timataco in the country of the visited west to sublime fights of the roughness pantheon and men.

  Eboshi Gozen that leads Tatara steel manufacture group that wants to sweep away pantheon from forest, and to have changed into rich land for the people there. She gathered sold women and oppressed men, and was striking iron while establishing the society at the man center.

  On the other hand, the princess Mononoke and the San brought up to the Wolf God that understood the human speech though it was man's child fought against the Tatara group with the pantheon. Both believed and yourself believed belief to be a justice there. Cou Boshi presence tried to open the forest so that man may live, and to defend foresting by the pantheon so that we may live. Ashitaka to hesitate to which ally to have to attach. In addition, the priest Jiko Bous of the mystery that aims at the neck of the Shishi Gami that the power to confer immortality is kept secret in this fight twine, and it becomes the fight of a triskelion.

  The fight over the mountain became ghostly, and the large slaughter started though the boy and the girl were able to meet in the tragedy, and to commune it. Roughness pantheon that turns into free brute. The San tries to calm down the god of the wild boar that turns into the Tatari-Gami, and is swallowed to the curse. The Ashitaka risks dying and faces the rescue of the San. And, the story runs fast facing the close in pandemonium.

  The appearance of the voice:Yoji Matsuda in hero's boy and Ashitaka. The Yuriko Ishida in the princess Mononoke and the San. The Yuko Tanaka in a calm, calm woman and Eboshi Gozen that leads the Tatara group that fights most intensely against the roughness pantheon. The Masahiko Nishimura in the Tsunehiko Kamijo and the Koroku. the subordinate's GonzaAnd, the Mitsuko Mori in the old shrine maiden and the Hii-Sama. The Kaoru Kobayashi in the priest and the Jiko Bou of the mystery that aims at the Shishi Gami. The important person actor and the actor of the individuality sect are mustering. And, the human speech was achieved and a Hisaya Morishige (god and Okkotonushi of the wild boar of age 500 years old), Akihiro Miwas (surgical knife Inucami and Moro of 300 years old who was the foster parent of the San), and different meeting together achieved performing the voice of the roughness pantheon that unfolded manipulation man and an intense fight.

  Music:A Jo Hisaishi indispensable for the Miyazaki work. And, the Yoshikazu Mera of famous power Untartenar (man singer who expresses the opinion of a compass that is higher than the tenor by using the falsetto) sings "Drew in the mind of the Ashitaka" (Miyazaki supervisor) theme song of a movie "Princess Mononoke" worldwide.

Message from Japan
  The Miyazaki supervisor says so more and more toward the 21st century when a chaotic degree will be deepened.
"Let's do not solve the problem of the entire world. Happy endings are burs to the fight of the roughness pantheon and man that are and are profitable. However, there is a thing worth living even in case of being in abhorrence and the slaughter. A wonderful meeting and the beautiful one can exist. "
Moving one large epic Princess Mononoke of all of the zeal that the Miyazaki supervisor can have where it begins to draw crowding on an extreme, most unprecedented scale. This work to which Disney has been decided the world distribution is a message from Japan to the world.

  The production period three years of the plan of 16 years:An output cost two billion yen, and 135,000 the direct unprecedented in history number of sheets of the cell picture. It makes to Hayao Miyazaki's latest work, and the blockbuster Princess Mononoke of the maximum Studio Ghibli shows the inside and the whole story of the all parts of the world gaze finally in this summer.

Main Characters


Descendant of Emishi. The curse is received from the Tatari-Gami, and toward the west for the method of solving the curse.


It is dedicated as a sacrifice by man who fears the Moro, and it is raised as a daughter of the Moro. The Eboshi Gozen that destroys the forest is hated, and the Tatara place is frequently attacked.


Daughter in village of Ashitaka.

Jiko Bou

Priest of riddle that tells Ashitaka forest of Shishi Gami.

Eboshi Gozen

Head of Tatara place. The personal history and the career are uncertain. The great number of Waratst who is the main pack who defends the Tatara place is led.


Subordinate of Eboshi. Pull   Waratst a great number of leader.


Husband of Toki. One of Ushikais. It is saved to be attacked in the rice transportation by the Moro clan, to fall to the bottom of a ravine, and to have injured by the Ashitaka.


It is a member of the Tatara stepping, and it has existed the woman leader. It is a wife of the Koroku.

(Drawn by Miss. Kinino Yabuki)

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