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「耳をすませば」絵コンテ付英訳台本 試作版

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Takahashi Koichi, who is a friend of mine is producing the English script of
"Mimi wo Sumaseba"(Whisper of the Heart) with picture continuity now.
Look at this script of the sample version by all means.
And, please send him your frank opinions and impressions.
Your advice will contribute to make his page wonderful.
I am expecting you to cooperate in it. Thank you.(by Mohri Yasuhide)

現在、 高橋耕一 さんが「耳をすませば」の絵コンテ付き台本を制作中です。

Mimi Script sample version

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Takahashi Koichi's web page

Please give your frank opinions and impressions.

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Thank you very much for your cooperation. Takahashi Koichi

Thank you for the visits.(since 08 Feb.1997)

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